Monday, February 21, 2005


After a reality-check from dear husband, I have affected a turn-about in my previous eating / exercising habits.


Eating: sure!
Exercise: um, later?


Eating: let me figure out how many points that food is, and journal it in my spiffy journal!
Exercise: on my NEW TREADMILL.

See, I'm a whole new woman!

In all seriousness, this was a needed change. Now that I'm heading into the second trimester, it's time to be realistic about the affect this pregnancy is going to have on my already overweight body. Time for me to step up and make some changes. Dear husband and I have worked out an accountability system, and we're good to go.

On another exciting note, a good friend who was very much hoping for it just found out she's pregnant, too. She's almost 6 weeks along, which puts her a month and a half behind me. I'm excited to share this time with someone who is so enthusiastic and excited about all of the details - I'm boring the non-pregnant folks to death!

Off to treadmill, and catch up on Dr. Phil. Thank god for Tivo!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Turn on your love light

It's been a while since I've updated, but the site's been on my mind. I didn't have much to talk about, other than the state of my constitution and even I was sick of hearing about that.

But now, we have news. We have a heartbeat, strong and certain. 160 bpm and whooshing along out loud, for everyone to hear. The baby's already a show-off.

The whole experience was very strange, and surprisingly moving. I closed my eyes to listen, and finally realized that there is a tiny little something living inside of me. INSIDE OF ME. Could life be weirder, or better?

And for the first time in my life, I have a weight issue to brag about: I have gained only one pound in the entire first trimester. One pound. Enough said.

No updated sonogram picture - I guess the next one will be around 20 weeks. That's when people can find out the gender, if they want to. And I've decided, for both of us, that we want to. Deciding on one name is hard enough - I'm not deciding on two if I don't have to! I haven't decided whether or not to share the gender information with people when we find out, but we'll probably share. I've never been good at keeping my mouth shut, and we all know it.

We're off to Cancun for a week, where the baby and I are going to enjoy the sun, and the food, and the virgin drinks. And if life continues to be good, this recent reduction in morning sickness will keep up through the vacation, if not longer. I've heard this weird thing about babies needing food, and it's high time I was able to keep some down. But I've also heard that a virgin daiquiri has fruit in it, so we'll be okay, either way.