Monday, February 21, 2005


After a reality-check from dear husband, I have affected a turn-about in my previous eating / exercising habits.


Eating: sure!
Exercise: um, later?


Eating: let me figure out how many points that food is, and journal it in my spiffy journal!
Exercise: on my NEW TREADMILL.

See, I'm a whole new woman!

In all seriousness, this was a needed change. Now that I'm heading into the second trimester, it's time to be realistic about the affect this pregnancy is going to have on my already overweight body. Time for me to step up and make some changes. Dear husband and I have worked out an accountability system, and we're good to go.

On another exciting note, a good friend who was very much hoping for it just found out she's pregnant, too. She's almost 6 weeks along, which puts her a month and a half behind me. I'm excited to share this time with someone who is so enthusiastic and excited about all of the details - I'm boring the non-pregnant folks to death!

Off to treadmill, and catch up on Dr. Phil. Thank god for Tivo!

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