Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My sweet boy

I'm teaching Nate to go to the bathroom by himself at night without calling for me; we're down to our last 5 night-time diapers and I figure we'll give it a shot without them. He's been without diapers during the day forever now, and I've been skipping diapers during naptime with no problem, so I figure the night-time will go pretty smoothly. Tonight's our first night going cold-turkey.

About a half hour ago, I heard him leave his room and use the bathroom but I realized he was just lingering at the top of the stairs instead of going back to his room. I headed up and walked him back to his bed, we talked for a few minutes and I tucked him back in.

As I was pulling the blanket up, I heard him say something. When I questioned him, he told me he was just talking to Bumper. I asked if he loved Bumper and he said yes. He said "I hug him like this" and he showed me how he'd tucked Bumper underneath him. Then he said "I take care of him...I protect him."

Happy New Year, everyone.

Bento gear

We've been doing Bento lunches and snacks a lot, and I finally found some silicone cupcake molds on sale at Target. I shouldn't have waited for a sale - they're so helpful for making the Bentos!

Here's just a snack Bento Nate ate at home. You can see why the silicone cups really help - we eat a lot of "finger food" so it helps keep everything in it's place (a nod to Mama's anal side!) Raw almonds, dried cranberries, and hummus for dipping.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Entertainment Book rocks!

I got my two free Entertainment Books today and I'm thrilled. They paid for themselves on the front cover - $20 off at Safeway! The savings comes in the form of four $5 off $50 coupons, which I'll absolutely use (several times over).

Even if I end up having to pay $5 for each book when I opt out of automatic renewal next year, they'll still have MORE than paid for themselves. I got a chance to skim through them today and there are at least 4 restaurants that we like in there, including $5 off of a $15 at Baja Fresh. There are also coupons for rental cars and movie tickets. Since we're very good at limiting ourselves to places we already would have gone, and not letting the coupon persuade us to spend more than we'd planned, we'll really take advantage of these deals this year.

I'm so happy with how things went that I'm going back to Cashbaq tonight to buy another 2 books!

My best helper

I spent some time last week making up a batch of homemade cleaners from the Clean House, Clean Planet book. My favorite is the daily cleaner; can't remember which one. It uses Borax, liquid soap, water, and distilled white vinegar.

It really works! Scrubbed out the fridge yesterday and it's almost as effective as the caustic stuff. The best part is that since it's in a nondescript bottle, I was able to fill an identical bottle with water and have my favorite helper "help" me clean.

Nate would help me with every task, every day, all day if he could. I'm getting better about swallowing my need to cross things off of my list and slowing down and letting Nate help with as much as I can manage. Today he helped me by putting the laundry in the washing machine

Anyway, he doesn't know cleaner from water and I don't worry about what he sprays water on. So he helped me clean the spots off of the floor, clean the front of the dishwasher and the stove, and mostly he felt good about helping and I actually got some cleaning done. And honestly in 6 months or so, he's actually going to be quite helpful around here!

Could he be any cuter?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Super-cute snack

Saw this in a magazine at the doctor's office; I have no idea which magazine or when it came out. It's got both of my son's favorite foods and was easy to pull off. Nate asks me to make him a flower every day now!

Outer layer is grape tomatoes cut in half, inner layer is whole grapes, and I used hard-boiled egg for the center (the magazine used fresh mozzarella). The magazine used a cute sprig of fresh basil on the stem for the flower stem, but I don't usually have that laying around - I just used green gel food coloring.

I love getting to make something pretty during the day, I love feeding the boys healthy snacks, and I love making my Natey smile.

Jack's Monthly Newsletter, Month Thirteen

Dear Jack,

Late, late, late. I swore I wouldn't let myself start doing this, but I guess that late's better than not-at-all.

Literally as I type these words, you are trucking back and forth our upstairs hallway with a used diaper in your hands. Gross? Yep. Disgusting, frankly. But it's all folded and bound up so the pee's on the inside, and it's a little ball of happiness to you. Clean diapers, used diapers, you love them all. You don't do anything with them, just carry them around. I try to keep the trashcans off the floor to keep you from getting at them, but you always find the ones I forgot to move. Right now you're trying to figure out how to hold onto your precious diaper and still pick other things up off the floor. Not being terribly successful, but not letting go of the diaper either.

You're not an obviously willful child, but you are quietly stubborn and I love you for it. When we move something out of your grasp, or thwart you in a project, you don't put up much of a fuss but you don't give up easily either. Best of both worlds, I think. Nobody loves a pushover, and it wouldn't stand you in good stead to be one. Keep at it, baby.

Walking is second nature now, and you're starting to step over thresholds and negotiate harder paths. You walk along with your feet turned out for stability and your butt sticking out; if I could video-tape every second you're mobile, I would. You're too cute.

You're really into music these days, swaying from side to side whenever you hear a tune on the radio or TV. Sometimes you add in a little knee-bounce, but you're best at the Stevie Wonder sway. You occasionally add in some droning, and I'm fairly sure you're actually singing in your own mind.

Did I mention that you had absolutely no interest in your birthday cake? None? You have a texture thing when it comes to food. If I try to hand you something unfamiliar or put new food on your tray, you'll draw your hands back and then very gingerly poke at the intruding food. Poke, poke, maybe a little smear, and then a tiny taste. Then you stuff your face full. Except the cake - you didn't stuff the cake. I'm truly not exaggerating when I say that you ignored it all, even after I pushed a shmear of icing through your lips so you could taste it on your tongue. You ended up eating grape tomatoes and red pepper slices, and your brother gave up after a few bites of cake and asked for more salad. Funny boys.

You do, however, love chocolate. A lot.

The last few weeks have been so tough for you with ear infections and RSV, coughing and congestion. We put the cherry on top last night when we let you fall down the basement stairs. You were totally fine; I'm still shaken. It was my fault, Jack, and I'm really sorry.

We continue to be amazed by your sweet nature, your contentment, your delight at life. You have a smile for almost everyone, even if you're ducking your head into my chest while you grin.

You are my sweetest heart, full of love-struck sighs, open-mouth kisses, and total grins of delight when you see me. I know you're going to grow and change, and you'll fall out of love with me just the way you're supposed to. I wouldn't hold you back even if I could, but all the same I'm already missing this love, this joy, this sweetness between us.

I'm so glad you were born.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset

Nate had his first sleep-over last night at the house of his beloved Sophia.

We headed over around 4 and cased the joint. I'd verbally walked him through it a few times, how he was going to have dinner with Sophia and her Mommy and Daddy, and that they'd read his bedtime stories, and that when he woke up in the morning he'd still be at Sophia's house.

I wasn't sure he understood but he was only 10 houses away and I knew they'd call if they needed me. At 11 when I went to bed, I was fairly shocked that I hadn't gotten a call yet. At 3:30 in the morning, my phone rang - Nate had woken himself up coughing and was too upset to calm down. I carried him home and got him back to sleep at home.

When he woke up this morning, I wasn't surprised to see that he was sick, probably with Jack's RSV. It's amazing, but I think if he hadn't been feeling sick he would have stayed there all night. He's a trooper, that kid of mine, and he's such a little Man now.

Friday, December 19, 2008


There is nothing sadder than hearing your baby cough and moan while he's sleeping (fitfully).

Jack's been as sick as he's ever been this past week: fever, cough, the runniest nose I've ever experienced. He's also been the saddest I've ever seen him: clingy, crabby, needy. He tried to maintain good humor, often smiling through the tears, but he was truly feeling awful. You could see it just looking at him, with his red-rimmed eyes and sad face. He's been so weak that he can't even walk very far without collapsing, sending him into fresh fits of weeping. Here's the epitome of sick for Jack: he was refusing both bottles and food. It's been hard for him to sleep because the ear infection hurt, and the congested nose meant he couldn't breathe well or suck a pacifier, so he's been extra-cranky from being so tired. A big mess.

Diagnosis: ear infection and RSV. Initially scared me to death what with all the frightening commercials about infants and RSV. Turns out that it is scary if you have an infant with RSV, but not if you have a hearty and healthy one year-old. Then it's just a cold. A really bad cold with a fever. When I was leaving the doctor on Wednesday the super-cute receptionist said "It wasn't positive for RSV, right?" and when I said it was positive she said "Oh god, you're going to have a long week." Truth in advertising!

But the fever finally broke last night and he got some sleep for a change. When he woke up at 3 am and Stewart brought him a bottle he lunged at it, drank it down, and slept the rest of the night. He was still cranky as heck this morning but he ate a hearty lunch for a change and was in much better spirits afterwards.

All I could think about all week were the parents of really sick kids. Being honest, it brought me to tears several times seeing him so miserable and out-of-sorts. I know I could do it if I had to, but the thought of watching him face something really serious, really scary, makes my heart clench. I'd do anything to make sure my kids stay safe.

From my lips to God's ears, right?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Independence Day

Nate was always an old soul, but I'm a little surprised by how fast everything has gone. He's given up Mama or Mommy for Mom some of the time, and insists on being alone in the bathroom (though he still tries to spend most of the day naked). He's taken off all the railings on his bed and hasn't yet fallen out, and would prefer to do almost everything by himself. His favorite time of day is helping me with almost any project - carrying heavy things, taking out the trash, carrying in the groceries, cooking dinner, helping with Jack.

Stewart and I were going out to a party last night while Deborah stayed with the boys. I gave Nate my little talk about using his manners, and listening to Deborah, and I asked him to help her take care of Jack. He agreed and a few minutes proudly told me "If Jack starts crying, I'll help Deborah and I'll make him happy."

The kindness and goodness in his heart is just overwhelming to me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Entertainment Book?

Want a free Entertainment Book?

There's a lot of buzz going around about a free Entertainment Guide book, so I took a swing at it. I think it'll work. At worst case, I'll pay $5 for each book ordered.

Wanna give it a shot? Do this:

1) Sign up for Cashbaq. It's free, so no problem there. You'll earn $5 for sighing up.

2) Click through their site to the Entertainment book in the upper right-hand corner. You'll get $10 off of each book by ordering through Cashbaq. You'll also get a $5 discount when you order a second book. When you're checking out, sign up for the auto-renew program which will give you another $5 discount on each book. They'll give you a warning next year before they ship out the next one, giving you a chance to cancel. They may charge you a $5 fee at that point, but the word on the street is that they won't.

3) In a few weeks, Cashbaq will credit you $10 for each book you order. The money's yours to use however you like - you can transfer it out to a Paypal account or ask them to send you a check.

Seems pretty simple to me. The prices vary depending on where you live, but here's how it worked for me:

Cost of first book: $30
Cost of second book: $25 (net cost of $55)

Less discount for signing up for Cashbaq: $5 (net cost of $50)
Less $10 off of each book through Cashbaq: $20 (net cost of $30)
Less $5 off of each book for auto-renew: $10 (net cost of $20)
Less $10 off of each book from Cashbaq): $20 (net cost: Free!)

I ordered 2, and may well go back for more.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking boy!

As I was writing Nate's last newsletter about blogging the important events in his life I realized I had entirely neglected to mention that Jack is walking! And if my addled memory cooperates, I think I even have dates for the big event.

For a while he would take one staggery step and fall into my arms; I don't really consider that walking. That went on for a month or so.

On November 24th I took him to the pediatrician in hopes that there was something fixable wrong with him that would explain the hellish previous 6 nights we'd had with him. Long story short, he was in perfect health. Drat. Anyway, while we were in the waiting room a cute little girl held out a red block to him and my sweet potato took 19 little steps across the room to her. So cute.

About 4 days ago, he graduated from the side-to-side shuffle to more of a forward step - he's getting downright confidant. Tonight I watched him step over the large threshold into the kitchen without falling down.

My big boy!

Oh, he also had his first lollipop. He was crying hysterically in the back of the car, rare for him - he usually travels wonderfully. But he was overtired and so was I, so I stuck a sacred DumDum in his mouth and the crying stopped the instant the lollipop hit his tongue. Love at first taste.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CVS week of December 7th

So very rarely does a trip to CVS go perfectly. No hitches at all, everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to. Happy sigh.

As always, I used two accounts: one for me and one for DH.

The big score:

Net cost before coupons and ECBS: $126.87
Cost to me after sales, coupons and ECBS: $1.22 (savings of 99% off sales price!)

The breakdown:

Maybelline lip colors are on sale BOGO. I had 6 coupons for $4 off any lip product from the December 7th inserts. Each lip gloss was $5.79, so I knew I needed some filler items. The Pepsi was on a sale equal to our grocery store and I was completely out. A match made in heaven.

Each transaction was 2 Maybelline lip glosses and 2 Pepsis.

2 Pepsis = $2.50
2 Maybellines = $11.58. After BOGO = $5.79 for a total of $8.29 with the Pepsis.
Used 2 $4/Maybellines = $.29 plus sales tax for a total of $.62!

So the total for 6 lip glosses and 6 Pepsi 2-liters was $1.86.

The Duracell was on sale again with an added ECB offer of 5 on a purchase of $15. I had 6 CVS coupons left for $5 off any 2 Duracell purchases. PLUS I had manufacturer coupons for $1.50 off each pack of Duracells. Sweet deal! Definitely needed some filler, and since we're gearing up for our holiday Oreo Truffles I went with Oreos.

I did 3 transactions on each account.

1 package Oreos = $3
2 package Duracells = $6
Total = $9

Minus $5 CVS coupon on Duracells = $4
Minus 2 $1.50/manufacturer Duracell coupons = $1 ($1.06 after sales tax!)
After doing that 3 times, I got 5 ECBS!

So the total for 6 packages of Oreos and 12 packages of Duracells was MAKING $3.64!

Hershey's Bliss was on sale for $3/bag, and part of a buy $20 get 10 ECBs offer. I had a lot of coupons for $2.50 off 2 bags. These will be great filler with the Oreo Truffles, and I'll melt down a bunch for the truffle coatings.

8 bags Hershey's Bliss = $24
Used 5 coupons (not sure why the register took 5 instead of 4) = $11.50
Got 10 ECBs

So my net cost for 16 bags of Hershey's Bliss was $3.00!

Have I mentioned that I love CVS?

Walgreens week of December 7th

Just two fun things for me at Walgreens this week:

Retail cost before sales and coupons: $20.90
Cost to me after sales and coupons: FREE! (paid about $1.20 in sales tax)
  • Reynolds Wrap 20 feet was on sale from $1.79 to $.99 with the insert coupon. I had 10 coupons for $1 off Reynolds wrap, making each of them free.
  • The Scotch Tape was on sale 2/$2 with a rebate this month of $2, making them both free.
Thanks to the helpful cashier today who was friendly for a change! :)

Harris Teeter last week

I just did not have the energy to post this in time for folks to take advantage and I'm sorry about that. But it was also too good to not post about, so here it is!

For a few days last week, HT was doing some fun Buy X Get Y Free sales. Combined with coupons, they were great deals! Heck, even with no coupons they were great deals.

Retail cost before sales and coupons: $161.98
My cost after sales and coupons: $47.79 (savings of 70%)
  • The Fresh Express lettuce was on sale Buy 1 Get 2 Free, and I had 6 coupons for $.75 off each bag, which double. In this case, they only doubled to the amount of each bag, which was about $1.10 after the sale. I actually bought 6 bags but we've already eaten three. Retail value - $3.75 per bag, $22.50 for 6 bags. Total cost - FREE!
  • The Smart Start was on sale Buy One Get One Free. I had 10 coupons for $1.00 off each box. The boxes sold for $4.29, so the sale price was $4.29 for 2, making the cost for each box $1.15! I bought 10 boxes.
  • The Betty Crocker cookie mix was on sale Buy One Get One Free. I had 2 internet coupons for $.75 off each bag, which double. The bags sold for $3.29, so the sale price was $3.29 for two. The coupons took off $3, making the cost for each bag fifteen cents!
  • I hadn't originally paid any attention to the Buy 2 Get 3 Free sale on the Palermo pizza, but when I was there I saw the great vegetarian varieties they had and did some math in my head. The pizzas retail for $6 each, so the cost to buy five pizzas on sale was only $2.40 per pizza! Fantastic deal for those nights where I just don't want to cook, so I bought 15 pizzas. We've already eaten 2 and they're wonderful.
This was the first HT deal I did without referring to anyone elses blog for guidance, and it felt great. I feel like I've finally got the hang of this, and I've figured out which deals are worth the time to go after and which aren't worth it even if I'm saving a few bucks. In this case, the savings were well worth it, especially since I picked up their great HT-brand gallons of organic milk and their reasonably priced organic bananas.

I still don't plan to be there every week, but for sales like this I'm definitely driving the 10 minutes to get there!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nate's Monthly Newsletter, Three Years Three Months

Dear Nate,

Three Years Three Months is a lot like Three Years Two Months. Small changes all the time, but it's not like you've gone from crawling to walking or something enormous like that. I guess the next time we'll have a big shift to talk about will be the day I realize you have facial hair, or you get engaged. Not sure I'll still be writing these letters at that point, but I promise to start up again when either of those happens.

I've been working a lot on our relationship, trying to find ways to enforce the rules and raise you in the ways I think are important without our relationship becoming too adversarial. I'm softening up the edges, slipping jokes into the discipline, focusing more on involving you in cooking and cleaning (which you love), and anticipating the frustrating scenes so that I can handle them more calmly. I'm also planning more one-on-one time now that Jack is easy for Daddy to handle. Last weekend we ditched them and went on a hike at Huntley Meadows, then hit Chuck 'E Cheese for some playtime and pizza.

I can already see shifts - you're cuddling with me more and asking me to play Legos with you. I know in my heart that I've done a lot of things right with you along the way, but now I also know how hard I'm going to have to work to make sure to tailor my parenting to your personality. The last thing I ever want is a fracture between us. We both have hard heads, and I can see a lot of standoffs in the future if I'm not careful.

One thing that I'm working on for you is teaching / encouraging you to play independently. Other than watching TV, there really isn't much you do alone. I'd always imagined you playing with your trucks, reading books, building with your do all of those things, but you never do them alone. Daddy and I are going to start setting aside "Nate time" when we're together but pursuing independent activities. I bought you a train set for your Chanukah present, and I think we'll start with that as your first independent project. Hopefully you grow into it. Please, please grow into it.

I'd always heard about the frustration of the "why?" stage, but I hadn't truly understand the massive irritation it brings. If you were asking me "why is the sky blue" or "why does my boo-boo hurt" I could totally thrive on teaching you and learning along with you. I hadn't anticipated that 95% of your "why?" questions would be absolutely inane. Example from yesterday: we're driving home from an outing and you ask me to point to which way is home. We're on the highway, so I point in the direction of our neighborhood. Your response: "Why?" Well, Nate, because that's where our house is. Seriously, I don't know what else to tell you. I could go on and on with example of NOT-WHY QUESTIONS, but I'd just drive myself crazy in my spare time and that's more than I can take.

I'd always wondered how I was supposed to know when to start working with you on new skills, but I've learned from you that you'll show me when you're ready. Overnight, you started asking about numbers and letters - asking me to identify them in books and signs. It took about five minutes for you to learn to identify numbers 1 through 5, and you've totally got them down. You like to find them everywhere we go, on signs and menus. You love to draw crazy designs in the air with your finger and then turn to me and ask, with all seriousness, "Was that a letter or a number?" Honey, that was nonsense. I have no idea what that was.

Daddy reads stories with you every night, and last night he called me into your room and you showed me that you can read the word Thomas. We both praised the heck out of you, and you were so terribly proud of yourself. I bought you a bunch of books for your Chanukah presents this year. I'm just dreaming of the day when we can read more grown-up books together: The Phantom Toolbooth, Light in the Attic, the Little House series.

What I'm really looking forward right now is when we're more like peers, when we can go places together and talk. When I'm not making sure you behave politely, use your manners, drink nicely from a cup, turn off the light in the bathroom...when I can just enjoy your company and stop being "Mom" all the time.

Last night Daddy had to work late, so I was alone with you and your brother. You woke up with a rare stomachache, so I lay in bed with you for a while to try to make you feel better. We lay face to face and cuddled and talked. You stroked my arm and said "I like your skin!" and did the same with my hair. You looked at my pajama pants and said "I love your butterflies and hearts!" You have a sweet, kind heart. I'm so proud of you, and I can't wait to see who you become.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Forward thinking

As hard as I fight to "stay in the moment" with my kids, I can't help but wonder about my boys as adults. In my darker moments I fight the dread that something will happen to them and that I'll never get a chance to see what they look like, who they are, what they love, how they treat each other.

But when I let my mind get past that I have little flashes of them, and I just can't wait to see what I'm right about and what I'm (almost certainly) wrong about.


He's going to be the straight-and-narrow one, the one who obeys the rules and wants everyone else to. He's going to be a little bit of a worrier, a little self-conscious. He'll be kind, but I don't think he'll be the hero who protects the other kids from the bully.

At circle time at preschool, he never needs to be admonished to keep his bottom on the carpet. He never needs to be told to pay attention to the teacher, or to participate like he's supposed to. Miss Bonnie is usually telling the class "The only voice I hear out there is Nate's! I need everyone to participate!" He sits straight up and doesn't get drawn into chatting even if Nikola leans into him and starts gabbing away. If I discipline another child to stop throwing a toy, or to sit still, he chimes right in after me. I gently tell him that it's a Mommy job to tell the other kids what to do, but I'm not sure he gets it. He's got a little of the goody two-shoes in him.

I haven't been able to picture what he's going to look like, but there's this new guy on Top Chef and I can kinda see it. He's got the wispy-ish hair, and he's thin but not gaunt. The nose seems the same. He's cute. Heck, what do I know, but here's his pictures:


Jack's still a tot, and there's a ton of personality still to come, but this is a fun exercise so I'll bite. So far, he's a big squishy boy with curly hair whose greatest pleasures are cuddling and dancing. He's incredibly social, smiling at everyone and trying to touch their faces. He's sweet and happy pretty much all the time.

I have this image of him as a fun-loving frat boy, nice to everyone and happy to have fun. Heart of gold. The picture that keeps coming to mind of him as an adult?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous CVS week

I didn't keep my receipts so I can't tell you to the penny, but here's how this week went at CVS. Remember that I use one account for me and one account for the husband. Also note that because the Right Guard wasn't printing out the ECBs until today, I got a gift card for the first 2 I bought ($14) and was still able to go ahead and get 10 today. I also spent $4.50 on Chanukah supplies that caught my eye - no coupons! Ack!

Price on everything before ECBs and coupons: $330.54 + aprox $5 in sales tax.

Net cost after ECBs and coupons: EARNED $30.77

  • Right Guard - pay $7.99, get 7 ecbs. I bought 12 and used 10 $1/manus and 2 $2/manus. Earned $2.12 on this portion.
  • Complete contact lens solution - pay $8.99, get $8.99 ecbs. I bought 10 and used 9 $2/manus. Earned $18 on this portion.
  • Maybelline makeup - pay $8.99, get $8.99 ecbs. I bought 4 and used 4 $3/manus. Earned $12 on this portion.
  • American Express gift cards - buy 3, get $10 ecbs. I bought 3 at a cost of $86.85 (including a service fee). I earned $10 ecbs and will send away for a $15 gas card. Counting the gas card, I earned $13.15 on this portion.
  • Crest - pay $3.49, get $3.49 ecbs. I bought the last 5 I was eligible for and used 5 $1/manus. Earned $5 on this portion.
  • Chanukah supplies - paid $4.50.
Have I said before how much I love CVS?

Monday, November 24, 2008

My heart

Today at lunch I was talking with Nate about Thanksgiving, explaining that it's a holiday when we think about the things that make us happy, things we're glad about. I told him I was happy he was my boy, and Jack, too. He returned the sentiment and then we talked about everyone else we were happy about - Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Peepa, and most importantly Sophia.

Things were quiet for a while as we ate, and then Nate looked up and said "I like you, Mommy."

Boy do I like that kid back.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jack's Monthly Newsletter, One Year

Dear Jack,

You are one year old today, and I truly can't believe it. Sometimes it seems like it flew by, and sometimes I can't believe you're only one. You seem younger to me, probably because you're not walking yet. Everyone else keeps wondering when you'll start; I know you'll get around to it when you feel like it - you're already starting to take little hesitant steps before deciding that crawling is just safer and faster. Can't blame you there. Frankly I like you crawling around; you're so quick about it, with your little hands slapping along. When you get to me you kneel up on your knees like a dog begging for a treat.

You are a total love-bug, burrowing your head into my neck and loudly sighing with contentment. You often come to me for a cuddle, laying your head onto my shoulder and smiling around at the room. When someone you love comes into sight, you gasp with joy and flail your arms around. You remain the grinniest baby on earth, smiling so big that your eyes squint up and your nose crinkles. Funny little evil baby.

Here are the things you love:

  • Laptops. Pull one out and you're all over it. You love opening and closing the lid and slapping at the keys with this big gleeful grin the whole time. I've tried showing you similar items, to see if it's just the buttons you like, but you definitely have a special fixation on laptops. You've developed a wonderfully annoying routine where you close the lid and then whine-cry until I come over and open it back up again. And if I try to actually use it? I have to hold it up away from your grasp while you scrabble at me and whine because you're not able to get your pudgy hands on it. Fun stuff.

  • Opening and closing doors (not all the way, obviously, just moving them back and forth). As I type this you're sitting outside of our room in the hallway, opening and closing the linen closet and giggling at your antics.

  • Balls. Any kind. We actually play catch - I roll the ball to you and you pick it up and toss it back towards me. If I didn't know better I'd think you really understand what we're doing. Maybe you do.

  • Grapes, bananas, grapes, goldfish, and grapes. You can stuff grapes down like nobody's business. If you've eaten all the ones on your tray and you see some on my plate you hoot at me until I transfer them to you.

You still love to climb anything, anytime. If there's a moment of silence, I can be 95% sure you're climbing the stepladder in the kitchen. No matter how many times you've fallen and bonked yourself, you can't seems to stop yourself. The funniest times are when I find you perched at the top like a little mountain goat, unsure of how to get yourself down. If there are two moments of silence I race for the stairs, the steep, wooden stairs, praying that I didn't leave the gate open. I've only forgotten once, and by the time my internal Mama-Alarm went off I found you 14 steps up. That wasn't scary at all.

For such an outgoing, active, friendly guy you are shockingly soft, Jack, soft like a marshmallow. Any time you get a little bump or scare I watch your face crumple into sobs. You sob angrily and get soothed slowly, but as soon as you calm down you're instantly back to your smiley self. Your skin marks up easily, you get diaper rash at the top of a hat. I call you my delicate flower. For a big bruiser boy, you really are a softie.

With all of the drama and angst and tearing of hair that went along with your sleep habits for the first nine months, you've turned into an awfully good sleeper. When it's time for bed I lay you in my arms and walk up the stairs saying "night night!" One time I think you said it back. I'm pretty sure. Anyway, as we walk up the stairs you like it when I lightly bonk your head against the wall. Really. One time I did it accidentally, and you got a big grin on your face and started reaching your head back to try to make it bonk again. So, up the stairs, night-night, head-bonking, and I sing you a little Neil Young (we both especially like "Unknown Legend") and then you grin and reach for your crib. I lay you down, you hug Pink Doll to you, I stick a pacifier in your mouth, and head out the door. Ninety-five percent of the time that's the last I hear from you. You're even sleeping through the night 2 nights out of 3, and the third time I make your Daddy deal with you. Everyone wins! Well I do, anyway.

When Daddy and Nate roughhouse and play, you crawl right up screeching away and try to get in on the act. Daddy does his best to include you and I know how much he's looking forward to really being able to play with you. You three are going to have so much fun together, and I can't wait to watch it all (and join in on the days when girls are welcome).

You are my sweetie, Jack, and I'm so incredibly glad you were born.
I love you,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pillaging CVS

I had to post about today's CVS trip. Remember that I use two accounts (approved by CVS managers) - one for me and one for Stewart. I don't remember which inserts I pulled the coupons from, so just post a comment if you need any help.

Net cost including tax: 50 cents. FIFTY CENTS.

In two big transactions (one on each account), I got a total of:

Glaceau Smart water x 2 (pay $1.59, get $1.59 in ECBs) = FREE

Listerine Agent Cool Blue mouthwash x 6 (pay $3.99, get 3 ECBS. Used two $1/internet coupons and four $.50/manufacturer coupons) = $1.98

St. Ives Bodywash x 8 (pay $3.99, get 3 ECBs. Used six $1/manufacturer coupons) = FREE

L'Oreal Advanced RevitaLift x 2 (pay $11.99, get $11.99 in ECBs. Used two $1/manufacturer coupons) = earn $2

Palmolive dish soap x 8 (pay $1.49, get $1 ECB. Used four $1/2 manufacturer coupons) = FREE

Garnier Fructis x 2 (pay $2.99, get $2 ECBs. Used two $1/manufacturer coupons) = FREE

Colgate Total x 14 (BOGO at $2.29. Used fourteen $1/manufacturer coupons) = $2.03

I'm still eligible to get four more mouthwashes and unlimited Colgates if more coupons appear. I'll keep a few of each for our stockpile and drop the rest at Bread for the City on Tuesday. The anti-wrinkle stuff is mine. Goodness knows I need it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nate's Monthly Newsletter, Three Years Two Months

Dear Nate,

I absolutely can't believe that it's only been a month since I wrote your last newsletter - that happy, wondrous description of your three year-old self. It feels like a year has passed since then; an obnoxious, snotty, rude, disrespectful year. A year full of time-outs, threats, lectures, and hitting (you hitting, not me, but just barely.)

When I ask you to do something, your frequent response is succinct: NO. When I explain that you don't say NO to Mommy, you mutter "you Mommy" under your breath. I know when I'm being cursed at, even if you're not quite cursing yet. It's just a matter of time; I can feel it.

A tiny snapshot:

You and Jack are playing on the carpet. Jack picks up a toy and you suddenly discover that you desperately, immediately need that toy. You grab it away, and huddle so that Jack can't get back to it. Sometimes you lie down on the toy to make absolutely sure he can't.

Me: Calmly tell you that we don't grab toys, and ask you to please give the toy back to Jack.

You: Silence

Me: "Please give the toy back to Jack now."

You: Silence

Me: "If you don't give that toy back to Jack, you will have to go in time-out."

You: Sullenly sliding the toy halfway to Jack, then pulling it back again.

Me: "Okay, you're in time-out!"


Me: "Okay, one more chance."

You: Danging the toy in front of Jack and then pulling it away and laughing.

Me: Hauling your flailing body to time-out.

You: Hitting me in the shoulder, then slyly looking to see if I saw you.

Me: Yeah, I saw you. Very stern, low-voice "We do not hit Mommy." Plunking you in time-out.

You: Leaving time-out, grabbing at my heels, wailing, carrying on.

Me: Trying to be calm but stern, putting you back in time-out, keeping Jack from thinking it's a game and playing with you. Waiting for you to sit still for a whole minute so I can call the whole damn thing off.

Me again: "Nate, I put you in time-out for grabbing toys and not listening to me when I told you to give them back to Jack. Say "Sorry for not listing, Mommy."

You: Silence

Me: "If you want to leave time-out, you need to say "Sorry for not listening, Mommy."

You: Glaring at me. "Sorrrrrrrrrrrr..." Insert snotty glance here.

Me: "It's just fine with me if you stay in time-out (except it's not, because we have to get to X before Y happens and the whole day's plan is shot.) But you're not leaving until you say "Sorry for not listening, Mommy."

You: "I just want to say "Sorry."

Me: "Yeah, I know. That's why you have to say the whole thing." (intended lesson: I'm in charge. Ha!)

You: "Sorry for..."

Me: "Okay, I'm done. Call me when you want to say sorry." Getting up and walking away.

You: "Wait! I'll say it!"

Me: Walking back over, sitting back down.

You: "Sorrrrrr....." Another snotty look.

Me: "See ya, buddy."

Repeat 4 or 5 times, insert more weeping (yours, thankfully, though mine is close behind), and you're finally out of time-out. We go to get ready to leave, and you refuse to put your shoes on. I calmly tell you to please come over and get your shoes on. You shout NO, I DON'T WANT TO! I calming explain that if you don't listen to Mommy, you'll have to sit in time-out for not listening.


45 minutes later, we're ready to leave the house and everyone is exhausted and frustrated. Errands are a blast. Then it's time to make you another meal and try to teach you that we don't spit food, show me the food in your mouth, get up and run around during dinner, or lick food off the table.

Here's to a better month next month.

I still adore you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Man on the Moon

My sons woke up this morning to a different world. They'll never know a time before it was possible that a black man could be elected to the Presidency of the United States. I'm so happy for them, for us, for our country. On the morning that we wake up knowing that a woman can be President, I'll feel like this country has truly matured.

I took them with me to vote yesterday and was given a choice of a paper ballot or voting electronically. I took the paper, and stood Nate up on a chair in our little spot so that he could watch me fill it out. He really didn't understand anything that was going on. When I looked down at Barack Obama's name in the first position, I started crying. Of course Nate doesn't understand joyful tears, so he kept asking me what was wrong. I assured him that I was okay, but he wasn't having it. He leaned his face over into mine and said "Look! I'll make a happy face!" and smiled a forced wide smile. My gosh, he's got such a good heart.

We turned in our ballot, got our "I voted" stickers, and celebrated at home with Chinese food. I am grateful for my life, for my family, for my friends who plunked on my couches to watch the returns, for this country that keeps trying to better itself. We are all so lucky.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween cuteness

Jack, a few days before Halloween:

On the way to Nate's preschool:

See how they're gazing at each other?

Halloween was great. The weather was perfect - clear and mild. We joined forces with Nate's beloved Sophia, and their posse ushered them around the 'hood: me, Stewart, Sophia's mom, Sophia's aunt (neighbor), Sara & Ryan (neighbors), and Aunt Drebs (neighbor). I love having so many neighborhood friends who love and enjoy our kids!

Started out around 5:30 and tried to pick houses with people home. Nate was thrilled with each catch, running back to us yelling "So much candy!" and showing me his pumpkin every time. We got home and spilled his loot out on the ground to ooh and ahh over. When he's older, I'll continue my Dad's tradition and pay him $.05 for every small Reese's cup and $.10 for every big one. I let him pick two pieces to eat right then (he picked two lollipops) and we've been letting him have one after every meal since.

It was really his first sentient Halloween and it couldn't have gone better. We have such a great life.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jack walked!

Three days ago, Jack walked! I went into the kitchen with Nate to get something for him, and when I was walking back to the living room I saw Jack take two steps between the red couch and the recliner. One little one and then a regular one, at which point he paused, looked around at my clapping, smiled, and lowered himself to the ground to crawl to me.

The last few days I've been sitting on the floor and putting him a few feet in front of me. He staggers a step or two to fall into my arms and we do it again.

He regularly stands up without holding on to anything, often waving toys around frantically. The boy loves to flaps his hands, shake his toys, slap his hands on tables, pound the bat on the floor (or sometimes his head). If he wasn't so incredibly alert and engaged, I'd almost worry!

I looked around at him yesterday and he was standing in the middle of the dining room examining something in his hands, and I got a flash of him as a toddler. My baby's just about gone. Sniff. Guess it's time to have another. Ha!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Tonight Nate was stalling on going to bed, as usual. Nothing major, just dallying. He needed a second trip to the bathroom, and I walked him through it without getting up from my desk. He happily wandered back to bed and I smiled when I heard him tucking himself into his blankets under his tent (where he's slept for months).

A few minutes later he calls "Mommy?" a few times, but I ignore to see how urgent the matter is. I don't hear from him again for a while so I don't even think about it. Then he calls me again, so I meander in and he's lying under the tent, which is completely flat collapsed on him. He says, and I quote, "This is not up."

I'm still laughing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nate's Monthly Newsletter, Three Years One Month

Dear Nate,

The "terrible twos" have their reputation, but it's the private opinion of Mamas that the threes are worse. You've managed to evade both phases so far, and I'm counting my blessings. I'm trying to enjoy you at this age as much as possible because I have strong suspicious that you are about to turn into a classicly obnoxious little boy soon. A few days ago, you said to Daddy: "You silly bad guy, why'd you pop my balloon?" Your first name-calling, and I suspect poop-jokes aren't far behind. Poop, poop, poop.

You're still sassy as hell sometimes and I guess I wouldn't change it. Sometimes at night you get a bee in your bonnet about not liking one of your animal friends and you decide you don't want it anymore. You call out for me to take it away and I call back "If you don't want it, just don't play with it!" A few minutes later you'll come stalking out of your room, throw the toy on the floor of my room, and march back to bed.

You're sleeping in your tent most of the time now, on a bedroll that Grandma and Grandmpa gave you. When I tuck you in, you like me to give everyone a kiss: Bumper, Woody, then you. After that come the animals in your tent: Whale, Mama Monkey, Baby Monkey, Giraffe, and Elephant. You've gotten a little manipulative: if you're trying to stall bedtime, you ask for another kiss, or for me to give the animals another kiss. Nice try, buddy.

A few days ago I left Jack at home with Grandma and came to pick you up at school alone. I know it's important to spend time with each of you alone, and I really enjoy the chance to talk with you without interruption. I stood there waiting for you, and you noticed me and ran to me with you usual "Mommy!!!!" But halfway through your run you slowed down, stopped, and demanded to know where Jack was. You walked all the way home in a funk.

You're loving preschool, and I'm so glad. You leave the house happily, don't fuss at all when I leave you, and you're happy and content when I pick you up. The kids are all different ages and nationalities, and though you're still a loner a lot of the time, you definitely have a fan following. Nikola is a few months older than you and adores you - he's always trying to hug you, drag you along, or wrestle with you. You put up with all the hands-on stuff for a little while, and then you just walk away. I'm so grateful that you haven't picked up on his physical play, and it's funny to see you being so haughty about who you choose to play with. Because you're so content to walk away and play by yourself, you've got nothing to lose!

You are a caring, sweet boy, especially when it comes to Jack. If I accidentally leave the gate to the upstairs open, you always stop Jack from climbing and slam the door shut. You cover him with kisses and hugs, maybe a bit too much. When he's crying, you run across the room to dance for him or tickle him to make him laugh again. You're giddy with glee when you guys roll around on the floor like kittens, rubbing your heads against each other and grinning.

One night at the beach, you picked the movie "Born Free" to watch. I forgot about the guy stalking around with a gun the whole time, and you picked up on him right away. You told me you didn't like him and wanted to know what he was doing, why he had the gun. I told you that sometimes people just felt like they needed to have a gun, and you nodded knowingly and said "Yeah, so they can squirt things."

I could wish you could always be so innocent, Natey, but I know it's not to be. I'll wish instead that you keep your good kind heart and always use it to guide you forward.

I love you,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My first bento!

I've been totally inspired by Lunch in a Box. Preparing meals in Bento boxes appeals to my anal side, my artsy-food-prep-side, and my desire to feed my kids healthy, fun meals. And since I'm trying to make our house more vegan, there's a lot of pre-prepped healthy food around (since I can't just grab a hot dog for lunch!)

I ordered a bunch of Bento boxes from Ichiban Kan, but they haven't come yet. Today I had my first good opportunity to use a Bento - we have a dentist appointment for Nate at 11:45. He'll definitely be hungry, so I needed to pack a lunch to take with us (especially since we're walking the 30 minutes each way).

Thus, my first Bento. I just used a lunch-sized Gladware and some ceramic dishes inside. To keep the almonds from moving around, I wadded up a small piece of tin foil and put it on top - the lid of the Gladware keeps it pressed in place and no almonds escape. Grapes, red pepper slices, celery, raw almonds, and hummus/cucumber "sandwiches." Fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Milestone Moment!


Jack stood up yesterday!

Right in front of me, Grandma, and Grandpa: he got his little feet and hands under him, stuck his butt up in the air, pushed off of his (well, Nate's) sippy cup and stood right up. Plunked down when startled by the applause.

Well done baby.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milestone Moment(s)!

Some fabulous milestones:

Jack took a step yesterday! None since, but the thoughts are definitely there. He stands stock still staring at where he wants to go, thinks for a while, and then drops to his knees and crawls off. I give it a month before he's properly walking.

We play a game where I sit on the floor and stand him up a few feet in front of me. He stands there grinning at me, then falls towards me without moving his feet an inch. It's exactly like one of those "trust your co-worker" exercises except he's facing me.

Also yesterday he semi-stood up on his own. Stewart was on the floor playing with the two of them, and Jack was standing up next to him, leaning forward and holding onto him. Then he just stood straight up, holding onto nothing. Twice.

Lastly, Nate: two nights ago I was turning off the TV to send him to bed, and he stood in front of me and protested in the words of our fathers, and our father's fathers, "It's not fair!" I think that's the first of about 10,000 times that I'll hear that phrase from him. Thank you, preschool. Thanks a lot.

Fake it, Don't Make it!

I love the "fake it, don't make it" cooking philosophy. Semi-homemade cooking. Whatever you want to call it.

Friend Dave and I tried this Samosa recipe from Real Simple magazine, and it turned out wonderfully. (This is Real Simple's photo - ours actually looked better!)

Easy, fun to make, pretty to look at, delicious, and vegetarian to boot. Nice way to use up whatever veggies are in the fridge. When Nate's a little older, I think he'll have a lot of fun making these with me.

You can find all of their Fake it recipes here. I've tried the lasagne before and it was fun and easy.

Got any other good ones to share?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A preview of cuteness to come

Nate and I couldn't resist trying this on Jack today.

It's a cow costume, but since Nate will be a firefighter this year, I'm going to try to pass it off as a Dalmation costume. Since I suspect Jack will tire of the headpiece quickly, the ruse might actually work. Important stuff, this Halloween planning.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Silly boys

Nate prides himself on being able to comfort Jack and make him laugh. I love how Jack's gazing at Nate in this video, literally and figuratively looking up to him.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jack's Monthly Newsletter, Month Ten

Dear Jack,

The hardest part about writing this letter was choosing among the great photos; you have personality coming out of your ears. Everywhere we go, people are always commenting on what a smiley, adorable guy you are, and darnit if you haven't come to expect it. When we're near other people who aren't looking at you, you'll smile at them and sometimes make noise until they look at you. You can't get enough of it.

I picked this photo to go first because I feel like it really shows you. The flying-nun curls, the rivers of drool, and the scrunchy-nose-squinty-eyes smile that makes you look a little evil:

You're changing every day, just like you're supposed to. Last week you started "creeping" which means you're walking along holding onto the furniture. You've been able to stand up for a while if I let go of your hands, but a few days ago you started letting go on your own. You can climb stairs like a pro, and you're starting to kneel with one foot up while you play with your toys. I sense much head-bonking-falling-down in our future.

We've spend a lot of time out at the beach and you've just been a superstar. While Nate and Sam ran around like lunatics, you'd just mosey-crawl from one thing to another, gnawing and shaking and drooling on everything. You like to come check in with me, but you're awfully good about playing by yourself and watching what's going on around you. Thank goodness for you.

Shockingly, you've turned into a pretty great sleeper. You take a morning nap around 9:30 and another one around 2. Bedtime is around 7, you sleep until 5, take a bottle, and sleep again until 7 am. You've even gotten good at sleeping away from home - you're at the beach with Daddy right now and he reported that you did just fine last night.

You had a wonderful first trip to the beach. You didn't balk at the sand, though you were pretty worried about the crashing waves. I can't blame you for that - it's pretty loud! We've been back several times and you even warmed up to the ocean, letting me dip your feet in the waves when they roll in.

You're very good in the car, and great in the stroller, as long as we're moving. Your favorite toys are balls, and these days Nate's plastic bats. I've been calling you Bam-Bam - you whonk that bat as much as Nate will let you. You're big on shaking and banging and whomping. You still just have the bottom two teeth, though the top ones are close, close, close. They're driving us both a little mad, frankly.

You're still an absolute pig; you eat everything and anything you can. Your main staples are tofu cubes, black beans, celery with hummus, bananas, and grapes. You are starting to pick through and eat your favorites first - the grapes always get eaten at the beginning. Pretty much, though, you'll stuff anything in.

There's no doubt about one thing: you are a Mama's boy. There's nowhere you'd rather be than in my arms. You are amiable about playing on the floor, being in the car, and all of that, but in the end you want me. One of my favotie things is when I go to get you from your crib. You're always standing waiting, and you reach up as I put my arms down. When I lift you through the air, your arms are up just waiting to wrap around my neck and when you get to me you stick your face in my shoulder.

I love all of the love, and I chafe at it a bit, but mostly I'm grateful as heck for you. You're just a chunk of overflowing joy and happy and I can't tell you how much I adore you.