Thursday, July 20, 2006

PLEASE lighten up!

Okay, I just have to get this off my chest. Why do people get so bloody defensive when someone makes a suggestion about their parenting? I was reading a blog tonight that irritates me with it's constant cursing, but for some reason I can't stop reading it. Today she blogs about how a woman dared to tell her not to lay her baby somewhere because there were ants (and LO! A big ANT came crawling onto the blanket! But she was still irritated. Because why? Dunno.) And then the other woman dared to question her use of, wait for it, SUNSCREEN! Major parenting issues! The blogger then says this:

we've had almost no encounters like this. Not even from family. It almost ruined the day.

Seriously? Really? My goodness.

People make suggestions to me all the time. Drunk, homeless women question why Nate isn't wearing shoes. Old ladies with big hats returning from church suggest that I pull the stroller backwards so that the sun won't be in his eyes. My own dearest Mother queries, as I hand her a bottle to give him: "You have no sippy cups, baby?"

I. Couldn't. Care. Less. Bring it on! Sometimes these folks have good suggestions. If I don't agree, there's a really complicated response that I have: I DON'T DO WHATEVER IT IS THEY'RE SUGGESTING. End of story!

End of rant, too.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Growing pains

My little baby is changing into a little boy so quickly. It's truly amazing to watch. In the last week, he:

* Stands up without pulling himself up on anything
* Squats down, picks up toys, and pushes right back up to standing (shaking the toy with excitement the whole time, of course!)
* Waves "hi" and "bye" with the sweetest smile on his face. He often waves with both hands, and sometimes one will be facing out and the other facing himself. My favorite is the "stoner wave" where he stares with fascination at his own hand as it waves away.
* He loves pulling off his own hat, and anyone else's. Today he tried to put it back on me so that he could pull it off again. Interactive play!
* Pulls doors open to get where he wants to be. He loves closing them, too, but I don't think he understands any great value to it - he just likes the pushing and the slamming noise.
* Climbs the entire length of stairs, after ignoring them for months.
* He took a first step - 3 days ago. He was standing, and wanted to get to me, so he took one step before falling onto me. But like Stewart says, walking is just controlled falling. I'm counting it as his first step.

I just want to soak up every minute - he's on his way. As he should be.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Monthly Newsletter, Month Ten

Dear Nate,

10 months. I can hardly believe it. This past month has flown by.

You and I had our first weekend apart last month. I went to the beach with Amy, and you stayed home with Daddy. It sounds like you two had a wonderful time - lots of playing, snacking, and chewing on things. I thought I would miss you two very much, but frankly I was too unconcious to think about you at all. You are my favorite boy, but the sleeping was almost as good.

We had a wonderful trip to Bermuda with Daddy's family. You got to spend time with your Peepa, Aunts, Uncles, and 12 cousins. I don't think your feet hit the floor for 3 days. Your Aunts told me that you're the best baby they know - better even than their own kids. Even your cousins kept asking "Does he ever cry?!?!" You almost never do.

In the last few days, you've started mimicing us. When I hold my hands up in the air, you do the same thing. Cousin Staige was making raspberries at you, and you made one right back at her. And yesterday you started waving when I waved at you. You're a very smart baby, boy. We're working on a secret trick to impress Grandpa, but I won't share the details of it until you've got it down. You are happiest when you're on the ground exploring - you can easily spend 45 minutes in the basement, crawling to different toys, shaking them, chewing on them, climbing over them. Sometimes I get a Mommy-pang and think I should be interacting with you, so I grab you and start singing to you. You spend the whole time trying to get down so you can play and explore.

You are independent and brave, but you also like to know that Daddy or I am around. While you're playing off by yourself, you often turn to check that we're still around and flash us one of your big smiles. When you do something new, like pulling up or standing, you grin at us proudly. It's a wonderful middle ground - you like to be with us, and you also are fine being on your own.

You like meat, especially when it's covered with barbeque sauce.

You finally like swimming! We went to Peepa's farm for the Fourth of July, and I took you swimming when we were there all alone before the bikers arrived. You grinned and splashed and laughed. Phew. I was beginning to think you were never going to like the water!

You have gotten fairly adament about things, and make your wishes known. When you're done with your bottle, you forcefully push it away. When I put your hat on to go for a walk, you grab it instantly and pull it off of your head (the funniest part about this is that your little arm sometimes doesn't reach high enough, so you're trying to pull it off sideways and your head is all tilted to the side. It's very funny.)

We were playing in the basement yesterday and you pulled yourself up on the side of the laundry basket. While you were standing there, your pacifier fell into the basket. You didn't cry, or scream, or look to me to get it out; you spent about 20 minutes shoving and moving the laundry basket, trying to figure out how to get your pacifier back. You have such independence, determination, and strength. I really admire you.

You love:

Your pacifier (this is a new thing!)
Running your hand along the wall while I'm walking up the stairs holding you
The electric toothbrush. You really love it.
Food. Anything and everything, especially with barbeque sauce

You hate:

Hats on your head
Being on the changing table, being changed, being dressed
Being in the carseat

You have a constant open-mouthed smile on your face. You are happy and curious and excited about everything. We adore you, Natey.


Sunday, July 2, 2006

My blogroll

Since blogger is a pain in the butt about helping me create a blogroll, I thought I'd just share a few of my favorite blogs with you.

My favorite blog:

Mimi Smartypants

Another favorite:


Okay, no, this is my favorite:


Funny, funny, funny:

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Lasty, my previous favorite. She finally had a baby and went on hiatus, but when she comes back, it's gonna be good:

Chez Miscarriage

And for your viewing pleasure, this is my carnivorous baby boy:

And this is my standing baby boy (with his favorite wooden spoon):


I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted! Apologizes all around. This one will be short, but I have a long one planned for later tonight or tomorrow.

Nate can now stand up for so long that he actually gets bored standing, and looks around like "what now?". So he casually lowers himself to the ground and crawls off in search of a good time.

Yesterday he pushed off of the floor to standing in front of my Mom, who joined with me in a level of celebration wholly inappropriate to the act. Thank GOODNESS I have someone else who kvell with!