Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My new favorite thing

Extra Strength Tums Smooth Dissolve (assorted fruit flavor). Lovely stuff.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Star Wars?!?!

Okay, either the baby loves Star Wars, or he hates it. Please, please let him hate it. Please don't let him be a trekkie nerd. Or a Renaissance nerd. Or a gaming nerd. I can deal with a science nerd if I have to, 'cause smart is sexy to some women. But if the day comes when my son tucks his jeans into his combat boots and pulls the hair off of his face to go to any kind of Convention (Rocky Horror, Star Trek, etc.), I will intervene. I will be forcible. I will rescue my child from himself.

So we saw Star Wars Sith movie last night, as you might have assumed, and Horatio kicked and squirmed and shuddered around the whole time. In retrospect, it was a pretty loud movie, and that's probably what he was responding to. Movie was fine, but what the heck was Samuel L. Jackson doing in that movie? He was purely awful. Nice character development on Darth Vader, though.

Since it was the one-year anniversary, we treated ourselves to dinner afterwards! Stewart was very nice, but failed miserably on the "planning something special for our anniversary" quotient. Someone help him do better next year, okay?!

Also, we'll now also be referring to the baby as Huckleberry. Cute, huh?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Not much of an update.

Not too much is new here, but I wanted to make sure to check in. I'm going to be away for the next week, so if anything exciting happens I'll let you know when I return.

For the first 3 days, I'll be on a road-trip to Maine with sister-in-law Susan, driving niece Staige to camp. Staige will be great to travel with, and I'm excited to have some time alone with Susan on the way back - there are always so many kids around that we never get to have a grown-up talk. Sisters Natalie and Lucy will be staying here with Stewart.

Susan is so, so excited about the baby, and loves to hear about all of the details. It's really nice to have someone to kvell with - I don't want to go on too much with the people who have to be around me every day!

Then, over the weekend, Stewart and I will be out at CHJ celebrating our one-year anniversary. A weekend alone in an isolated place...hopefully we'll still be married when we leave! I'm looking forward to swimming the weekend away.

Still working on the nursery, but we're really getting there.

Guess that's it!

Monday, June 20, 2005

We have a name!

We're still not sharing, but we have finalized a name! Want a hint? It's not Horatio. :-)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Nursery in progress!

Stewart gallantly painted the nursery last weekend, and today installed our closet organizer and put up the curtain. It's really coming together! As soon as the crib is in, and some shelves, I'll take some photos and post 'em.

Baby is still moving around, but less than before. This certainly means that he's a really calm, well-behaved baby. I just know it.

I had an epiphany today: I might actually enjoy the time home with the baby! It might not be all hell! Amidst all of the horror stories about no sleep, and crying all the time, and sore nipples, and all of the poop, it just hadn't occurred to me that some of it might be nice.

I had my first La Leche League meeting. These are the folks affectionately called the "breastfeeding nazis". I was very, very prepared to "fight the power" and stand up for myself, but the truth is that the people at my meeting were really nice, and understanding, and helpful. We talked a lot about the best ways to keep up the milk supply, and also about avoiding food allergies in babies. I think my plan is to avoid dairy, citrus, eggs, and all nuts for his first year. Everything else is a-okay.

I have my shower in about a month. I can't wait! Most of my favorite people in one place, all making fun of me and my enormous girth. Who wouldn't love it! I hope I remember, sitting there surrounded by family and friends again, to soak in all of the love, and to do everything I can to make sure the baby feels it. We're really blessed.

My worst day would be...

In the spirit of Mimi Smartypants:

Leah's Worst Day:

6:30 am - Wake up alarm that Stewart set the night before, but neglected to turn off when he got up early and started staring at the computer. Be unable to go back to sleep.

7:00 am - Come downstairs to find out that my Palm Pilot died, and I have no idea what my schedule is for the day. Have a nagging feeling I'm forgetting something important, but be unable to remember.

7:15 am - Notice that there is a voice mail notification on my phone. Call only to find out that I have 7 new messages. 6 are the insidious beeping of a fax machine, and the 7th is someone important leaving a message, but saying his phone number so fast that I can't write it down.

7:30 am - Go to eat some breakfast, and realize that all I have is yogurt.

8:00 am - Leave for work. Realize I have no gas.

8:30 am - Arrive at my workplace. I, of course, am the administrative assistant to a very busy, insensitive, business-man type.

12:30 am - Lunch at my desk.

6:30 pm - Head from work to the gym. Spinning class, followed by a short abs class.

8:30 pm - Head home, to my very loud apartment above the disco.

8:45 pm - Dinner of dry baked chicken and steamed broccoli.

8:45 pm - Discovery that the cable is out, and the internet is dead.

8:50 pm - Die of misery.