Saturday, April 30, 2005

You hear that sound?

You know when your car makes that funny sound, and you drive to the mechanic? And the car makes that sound all the way to the mechanic? And then, the second the mechanic comes out to the car, it stops making that sound?

So I hadn't felt the baby move for a while, and called the doc in a panic. They squeezed me into a morning appointment, and I lugged Stewart and baby E along with me out of necessity. And then, the minute I sat down in the waiting room, the baby started kicking like crazy.

So I did what every responsible person does: I pretended not to feel it. Went into the appointment, and heard the heartbeat and acted reassured. Yes, I'm a weak person.

Ever since then, baby's moving around a lot. When I drink juice, or a carby-meal, he responds a lot. Last night, I felt him a lot in one area, and pushed on it from the outside, and felt a strong movement from the outside! (secret confession: it was really weird.)

So that's the story here. We're calling him Horatio until he's born. It's part of the fun of trying to find a non-horrible "H" name for him (in honor of my grandpa Herbert). Every name we come up with is awful:

Herbert (sorry, gramps)
and on and on. Henry's not bad.

Feel free to send suggestions!


Chantel (seaturtletattoo) said...

Wow, Leah, I tried to come up with some H names and couldn't. (my grandpa is Herbert too!) I even looked online... with stuff like Howie, Hamlet, Humphrey, Hamish, Howard...those are awful big names for such a litle guy. I did like Hugh though and Holden...oh, and Hayden.

BeccaBell said...

How about Harrison? Some friends of mine called their baby that - he's known as Harry. I think it's pretty cute.