Thursday, May 19, 2005

We hit the motherload

Pun absolutely intended.

This morning, we were invited by friends to come raid their baby supplies. Their son is almost 3 now, and they want to be rid of things. They did their best to warn me how much stuff they had, but there's no way I could have prepared for the bounty awaiting us.

We left with:

An almost-new Pack 'n Play
A full-sized swing
A vibrating chair
A vibrating ROCKING chair (for the baby, not for me. Unfortunately!)
A gorgeous reclining high-chair
A bath-tub


SIX boxes of gorgeous clothes, from newborn to 2 years. (Yes, BOXES. Not outfits. Boxes)
Bath toys
A sling
Breast-pump and bottles
Cloth diapers for baby burping
A food grinder, and home-made food storage set
Numerous hats and socks
Boots and moccasins
Numerous helpful little things, like pads to go under the high-chair, shades for the car windows, and a bottle drying-rack.

All of it in gorgeous pre-owned condition. Right up my alley. I'm still not sure how great a Mom I'm going to be, but for sure this kid will NEVER be naked!

Thank you, Jill and Gregg. And thanks to little Rudy, for being born and racking up such a bounty!

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