Monday, August 22, 2005

Phew! No baby yet!

I am writing this from home, not the hospital. Appointment with the doc today confirmed: a large, but possibly not huge baby, and some very early, mild pre-eclampsia. I'm pre-pre-eclamptic. So I'm to keep an eye on things, and keep the feet up.

On a great note, due to Horatio's size, they won't let me go past my due date. So I was scheduled for an induction on September 7th with my favorite doctor in the practice. So, by hook or by crook, we'll have a baby on or about the 7th!

I'm actually hoping he holds off until the due date. Things are settling down, construction-wise, at my house. Little sister has returned to her own digs post-surgery, and the house is quiet. I'm looking forward to a week or so of keeping the feet up, some magazines, some friends, and some Judge Judy. It'll be my last time to have such luxury in a long time, and I'm going to enjoy every monment of it.

And my first issue of People Magazine, courtesy of Alison, arrived just in time today. Start the laze-fest!

And some photos, as requested:

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