Friday, June 16, 2006

Awwwww. Nate's first fad diet!

My son is doing Atkins now. We've really tried to get those extra ounces off of him, but he has such trouble with his thighs. So we're giving Atkins a try - meat and cheese at every meal, and a tiny bit of fruit. Hopefully we'll see results soon.

The boy tested great on his 9 month blood-draw (lead level: 2. Good news), but it looks like he's anemic. So we had to introduce red meat into the system. He loves it, but he loves all food. He eats so much better than we do - you should have seen me at Whole Foods asking the poor woman behind the counter: "These roast beef slices? Do they have hormones? Ummm...what about antibiotics? Are they organic?" (Answers: no, no, no. I decided 2 out of 3 was fine.) It turned out to be cooked in rosemary and garlic, and it was nice and rare. I took a few nips while doling out his doses, and it's absolutely fantastic. That boy has no ideas how lucky he is.

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