Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh right! My blog!

It's hard to get back into blogging when you've taken too long of a break - there's so much to say, and where to start?

I'm going to take the easy way out by keeping it short. I'm starting a new feature called "Product Placement Day." Whenever I think of it, I'm going to feature a product that I use and love and want to share with everyone. Trust me, I'm getting no kickbacks from any of these companies!

Today I'm featuring the simple wipe-off bibs from Mimi the Sardine. I can't figure out why I used cloth bibs for so long. When Nate besmirches these, I just wipe them off with the rest of the dishes. Hang 'em to dry, and they're good to go for the next meal. No more washing 15 bibs with each load of laundry!

A good update on the boy soon, I promise. Lots of pictures, too.

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