Monday, November 6, 2006

Monthly Newsletter, Month Fourteen

Dear Nate,

The trick to these newsletters is to start them on a day when I'm madly in love with you. Starting them at times like these is like going shopping when you're hungry - dangerous.

Right now you are either cutting your fourth molar or you are sick or a bit of both. It manifests with much whining and scrabbling to be held. You like to point at something (anything), and when I don't give it to you, you melt down. Often literally melting to the floor, arising to claw at my legs to be picked back up again. This is one of your favorite "I'm not happy" games - you push at my chest to be put down, but if I put you down you up the whining and cry to be picked up again. I don't know what you want, and I don't think you do, either.

Sometimes I'll just truck you off to your crib and lay you in there for a bit. You don't fall asleep, but the "alone" time with your Woobie and your crib bumper pillows seems to help your mood greatly. As I type these words, you are in your crib making funny noises to yourself. I don't leave you there long, maybe just a few hours. Long enough for me to have a few drinks, maybe a nap or two, and some Quaaludes on a really bad day. Okay, it's long enough for me to respond to 2 e-mails and blow my nose, but that's good too.

You had your first real Halloween! I had fantasies of making your costume, but Old Navy stepped in with a very cute chicken costume. I bought it in honor of your Peepa and his Poultry-Americans. We went around the block with a few of your neighborhood friends. I think you lasted about 35 minutes and that was it. Next year I think you'll understand the "candy" part of things better and we'll probably have to drag you home.

You have had a ton of family-time this past month and have partied like a rock star. At your Peepa's 75th birthday, you actually went to bed at 11:15. We also went to Chestertown for cousin Dana's wedding party where your Daddy captured two wonderful photos of you with your closest-in-age cousins:

What's amazing to watch is you playing with other kids. You're starting to have this fun life outside of us and I'm so excited for you! You're so game for trying anything and so happy-go-lucky. I'm watching it all with such joy and with such wariness; the day will come when someone will try to squash that eagerness out of you, and then I will have to beat them down.

You and Daddy like to go to the park together a lot. You love watching the big kids play basketball, and you love following the little girls around.

You are still my joy of joys. I love you dearly.

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