Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Introducing The Turkey!

Heartbeat = 153. Embryos = one. Everything appears on track, so the blessings on our family continue. Let the double-stroller shopping continue!

Graco Quattro Tour Duo

Jane Powertwin

Phil and Ted's

Anyone have any thoughts? Right now, the Graco is the leader of the pack - it's heavy, but cheaper and I love Graco. Pending a test drive when it's finally released (this month?) it looks good. Looks real good.


crazedmommy said...

What a beautiful pic Leah!

I really like the Phil and Teds...and the new Graco.

I think for us we are going to get a zolo sling and moby wrap and then just carry the baby through the winter (Not like we'll be out too much anyways). Kyla really hates the stroller now so it's only needed on those long trips. I figure we'll wait til next spring and then make the decision. I'm all about saving money this time :)

A friend is giving us her old stroller...not sure what it is but I figure it'll do.

Not as much fun to shop the 2nd time round!

Stephanie823 said...

I'd buy the Phil and Ted's for the name alone!! LOVE IT! But really, I like the Graco in French Roast. Oh, you need a double stroller! How exciting!!