Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dearest Turkey

Dearest Turkey,

I just want you to know that at 10:44 pm on a Sunday night, while you bopped around inside of me, I was shopping for your crib bedding set. I know there are a million times where your big brother's needs are going to collide with yours, and probably he'll win more than he should. But tonight I'm thinking just about you, and making your room as perfect as I can for you.

Love, Mama

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jte said...

Leah, wow! We HAVE been out of touch... I didn't know you were pregnant again. You know Wendy is, right? And due technically this coming Wednesday but so really at any moment. Within a month or so we'll be down in MD/DC for some social visiting and introducing of kids. Please, please, please be there! Email me, eh? Jon nee Elsberg