Thursday, October 2, 2008

My first bento!

I've been totally inspired by Lunch in a Box. Preparing meals in Bento boxes appeals to my anal side, my artsy-food-prep-side, and my desire to feed my kids healthy, fun meals. And since I'm trying to make our house more vegan, there's a lot of pre-prepped healthy food around (since I can't just grab a hot dog for lunch!)

I ordered a bunch of Bento boxes from Ichiban Kan, but they haven't come yet. Today I had my first good opportunity to use a Bento - we have a dentist appointment for Nate at 11:45. He'll definitely be hungry, so I needed to pack a lunch to take with us (especially since we're walking the 30 minutes each way).

Thus, my first Bento. I just used a lunch-sized Gladware and some ceramic dishes inside. To keep the almonds from moving around, I wadded up a small piece of tin foil and put it on top - the lid of the Gladware keeps it pressed in place and no almonds escape. Grapes, red pepper slices, celery, raw almonds, and hummus/cucumber "sandwiches." Fun!

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