Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out of the mouths...

Tonight while Stewart was putting Nate to bed, they were chatting as they always do. After some minutes of discussion, Nate walked his naked self into my bedroom with Daddy close behind.

Nate: "Mama, remember how you said that if a bad guy came to get me then Daddy shouldn't beat them?"

Mama: "I remember. We don't beat anybody."

Nate: "See Daddy?"

Mama: "But if a bad guy comes, Daddy will always stop them! He can hold them tight and call the police!"

Nate: "Yeah, and they'll take him away to jail!"

Nate turned around to leave, and made sure to follow up with Daddy. "See Daddy? We don't beat people. You shouldn't do that."

Lesson learned.

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