Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So much is slipping past and I know I'm missing out on writing it down, but my head just isn't in the blog these days. Forgive me, everyone.

I keep waiting for the "where do babies come from" question but instead about a month ago Nate asked this: where were we before we were born? I thought for a second, then answered him honestly: I don't know. I told him that some people believed that there is a God who made us, and some people think we just grew here (kinda like a plant), but that nobody is really sure. He seemed fine with that.

Nate is also very interested in death these days. We've talked about his grandma who died, and is sleeping now, but haven't had any reason to force the issue or dwell on it. A few months ago he started talking about superheroes and how they killed somebody, and soldiers and how they killed somebody. I think there was also something about a dog that died, and I flinched when it came up, but Nate wasn't scared or freaked out at all - he was pretty pointed about how the dog was dead.

Yesterday we were driving to school and Nate started a familiar conversation about when Daddy gets old (he usually says he'll take care of him, and carry him like a baby, and tuck him in), but this time he told me that when Daddy gets old he'll die. I confirmed it, but told him that it was going to be in a really, really long time. He went on to say that when Daddy gets old he'll die and then he won't have any Daddy and that it'll be sad. I agreed with him, telling him how it would be so sad, but it would be in a really long time and he'd have a Daddy for a long time. He thought for a minute and then said: "And when I get really old, I'll die too." Yes, Natey, you'll die but it won't be for so long, until you're really really really old. Then, in the same earnest tone, he told me about something he had in his lunchbox. Like they were related, but they weren't related at all. It's just the stream of consciousness he has, the thoughts he's processing.

Whew. Heavy stuff.

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