Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Target fun!

Printed out a million coupons and headed to Target for a little more fun:

All forty (!) of those wipes were $.97 each, so paired with the Target $1/off coupon they were free (I can't tell if I paid sales tax on them; the receipt is downright confusing).

The Chinet plates were $4.74 each, and were on a "buy 2 get a $5 gift card" promotion. I did two transactions and used 2 coupons (from here and here). After the value of the gift cards, I paid $1.24 for each pack of 32 plates. We don't use paper plates often (usually only when a bunch of people are here for a meal and I don't want to waste time cleaning) but they're awfully nice to have handy.

The Glade deal rocked and will rock more when I submit the receipts for the Johnson Rebate deal afterwards. See all the details here at MoneySavingMom.com! To make my deal even sweeter, I used 2 "Buy 2 refills get 1 free" coupons that I found in a recent insert; my cashier was happy to take them in addition to all of the others.

So in total, I spent:

* 40 packages of wipes: zilch (savings of $38.80)
* Chinet plates - $1.24/pack (savings of $14)
* Glade candles and refills - earned $2 and will submit to SC Johnson for $10 back (savings of $27)

Net cost: earned $7.04 after SC Johnson rebate
Net savings: $79.80

*Smooch!* Love you Target!


Kitikata-san said...

wow, what a great deal! what are you going to do with all those handy wipes?

frugalfriends said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks for commenting on my blog recently. I checked out yours and like the description and your goal to be frugal in Washington, DC. It's not easy to live on less here in the DC area, but it is possible!
Wow, you had a great trip to Target last month! I heard that Target recently changed their printable coupon format, so that you are limited to a certain number of coupons (2) per computer/printer. There's more info on that here on Ashley's blog.
Happy shopping and saving!