Friday, May 7, 2010

Big boy haircut

It was time. I didn't want to know it but I knew it.

Not the best pictures, but here's a few "before" shots:

Since Jack now runs crying each morning when he sees me coming towards him with a brush, I anticipated a disaster. I tried to take him to one of those kiddie-kuts kinda places since I thought the TVs might distract him but got insanely lost. I ended up just taking him to the Hair Cuttery and crossing my fingers. I apologized in advance for the crying.

He was perfect.

He flinched a little from the water

grinned at himself in the mirror

and got pinned up like a proper lady.

At one point he realized he was famished but couldn't find his hands. He was promptly hand-fed by one of his adoring Moms (Kari went along on the trip).

He zoned out as the cut went on

smiled at his new "look"

even tolerated the buzzer

and emerged a new man. With a huge muffin for good behavior.

The muffin was considered


and judged to be acceptable.

I'm very proud of my little lawyer.

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Jason said...

hahaha -- nice post!