Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shake your booty!

One of Jack's favorite, sweetest, things to do is to tell me what he likes about what I'm wearing. While I'm holding him he'll often finger my necklace, saying "I like your neckwace Mama! I like your colors!" and he'll name off the colors in a row (especially fun on my especially colorful one, where he rolls out "I like your blue, I like your green, I like your blue, I like your blue, I like your yelow..." through the length of the whole necklace.)

We try to have frequent dance parties, though they're less frequent than I'd like. Sometimes it's hard to get the boys started, so I frequently urge them to "shake your boo-tee."

Today it's just me and Jack, and I was dancing around in the living room while he was in the kitchen. I may or may not have been shaking my booty. Jack came up behind me, slapped my ass with both hands, and cheerfully said "I like your boo-tee! I like your boo-tee!"


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