Friday, April 22, 2011

This sums it up

It happens over and over, just the same way, and I think it totally sums up the difference in personality between my two boys:

We almost always shop at Trader Joes, where they often give each kid a strip of stickers when they leave. The second the strip hits Jack's hands, he immediately starts peeling them off and putting them all over himself. (Please note in the picture that Jack is still sitting in the cart; we haven't even gotten to the car yet.)

Nate takes his strip, admires it, and then keeps it. Forever. He never uses a single one. Weeks later I find the strip and surruptitiously toss it in the trash (he never notices). It's a little sad, honestly, I wish he'd just use them and have fun with them. But then I think of my childhood sticker-books, collections of stickers all untouched and perfect and NOT peeled off, safely stored forever, and I understand his wanting to keep them fresh and perfect. Still a little sad though. (Please note in the picture that we're home, sitting outisde our house in the car.)

I wouldn't change either of them. They're totally perfect just the way they are. Mostly. :-)

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Marlee said...

"Nate takes his strip, admires it, and then keeps it. Forever"

Ha I loved that line! Your boys look so handsome! Right now I'm a struggling college student blogging about living on an EXTREMELY tight budget, and my boyfriend is secretly wishing he could start working on his houseful of sons. Maybe someday!!