Friday, November 4, 2011

Jack Attack

A few days ago, Jack and I were at CVS for a checkup and a prescription. While we were waiting, I decided to take a hit of Jack-love. It went terribly wrong, and yet oh-so-right.

Me: "Jack, do you love Mama?"
Jack: "Well I used to love you when I was a baby, but now I just love Daddy."
Me: "Well, you know, you can love Mama and Daddy..."
Jack: " fanks!"

A few days ago I found the clip of Mr. Rogers showing us how crayons are made and showed the boys, who were fascinated. They were telling Stewart about it over dinner and Jack asked if he could show Stewart. I told him he could show Daddy after dinner which leads to him asking: "Can we pause dinner?" The Tivo generation at work!

Stewart's new job has him leaving really early in the morning, and Jack misses him a lot. Almost every morning he asks me where Daddy is, and moans "But I want to seeeeeeee him!" when I tell him Daddy is at work. A few morning ago we had this same conversation; me downstairs and Jack at the top of the stairs, hidden to me. After the standard back and forth, Jack continues on: "I don't want you, I want Daddy!" I tell him I know, that we'll get to see Daddy tonight when he gets home. A few seconds later, Jack says "I'm sorry, Mama." I ask what he's sorry for, and he says "I'm sorry to hurt your feelings."

Jack is delicious and sensitive and lovely and is going to make some woman (or man!) very very happy someday. For now, he continues to make all of us so happy. How did we ever live without him?!

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