Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Day in the Life, 2012

We've got things rolling along right now, so before we move to Panama and screw it all up, I thought I'd write it all out so we can remember.

 Weekdays: I snooze the alarm from 6:50 - 7:20 and stumble out of bed. I sneak into the kid's room and wake Nate up as sneakily and stealthily as I can. He staggers out of the room and we head downstairs where he huddles under a blanket and gets himself dressed. I make him his granola (yes to dried strawberries, no to bananas these days, almond milk). He eats, packs his backpack, puts his shoes on, then we sit outside together on the stoop and wait for his ride to arrive at 8.

Jack usually gets up right about when Nate leaves and we spend some time snuggling on the recliner. Then he eats his breakfast granola (dried strawberries AND banana, almond milk) and clears his plate. Sometimes I take a shower and Jack hangs out in the bathroom playing with his bath toys. Then we get dressed, brush teeth and hair.

99% of the time we walk the two blocks up the street to his co-op school and leave Jack with his "friends." If it's Monday, I pick Jack up at noon when school ends and we hit Trader Joes for our weekly grocery shop. Tuesdays Miss Tara (or "big" Tara as the kids call her) picks up Jack, Mia and Milo and takes them back to Mia's house until 4. Wednesdays I pick Jack up a bit early at 11:30 and we go to minjastics (aka: gymnastics) at Silver Stars - open gym from 12 - 1. Thursdays is Miss Tara again. Fridays I get to "teach" at co-op, then we rush home and eat lunch and leave to pick Nate and Charlotte up at 1 pm (early let-out on Fridays). 

After the boys and I get home from school-pick-up at 4, it's usually homework, the kids fighting, and me cooking dinner. Thursdays Nate has t-ball practice. We occasionally meet friends at Stead or Westminster park, or hit the library. Dinner is at 6, then the kids and Stewart clear the table and roughhouse until 7 ish. Shower / bath (whoever's "day" it is gets to pick - Nate has odd days (born on the 7th) and Jack has even days (born on the 20th). Then a show (again, whoever's "day" it is gets to pick) and then upstairs for stories and lights out around 8:30.

The end.

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