Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smarty Mom

Jack resists, over and over, changing out of his school uniform after school. It is an endless routine. Not fun for either of us, but he keeps it up for some unknown reason.

Today after playing dinosaurs, helping me with a craft project, and delivering some goodies to a neighbor, he declared that he was going to jump on the trampoline. I asked him to change out of his uniform first (I pick my timing carefully). He sighed, and flounced to the bedroom.

I sat typing, and he called out "Don't come in!" Okay, no problem. Again: "Don't come in, please!!" Sure, okay. Nothing weird going on there. Jack comes slinking out of the room, sliding against the wall through the room, "don't look at me!" Uh huh. Jack, come here. He peers around the corner. Here, stand next to me. Jack, go take off your uniform (it is under his play clothes, sneaky guy, he's only tried this 37 times before). Jack's eyes wide: "How did you know??"

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