Thursday, April 11, 2013

Traveling Around Panama - San Blas

Several months ago we got the great news that New York cousins Phil and Leslie, and kids Noah and Evan, were coming for a visit! Stewart teamed up with the for planning a neat vacation to San Blas - I would never have planned a sailboat vacation but I'm so glad they did!

Sleeping was a little rough (it was hot and a little cramped). The first night, Nate and I slept up on the deck of the boat. The stars and the breeze were wonderful, and Nate woke me at sunrise by saying something beautiful and deep that I have not managed to remember at all. But I remember being so glad he had the chance to be there, and it clearly struck a chord with him. We work very hard to vocalize our appreciate for life and hearing him echo our perspective was thrilling.

Jack was his usual impish self and dove right into the activities. The first day, they both swam like fish under the water right off the back of the boat! There was a little perch in the front of the boat which was duly fought over. Even Mama took a little time sitting there and yes, I had to fight for it with all the other little rugrats.

Evan and Noah were great sports and great cousins to my boys. Jack and Nate just reveled in being there with them and it was beyond heartwarming. I don't have a big family, so to see the next generation connecting makes me really happy.

Our grouchy captain had a little dinghy and a surfboard of sorts to pull the kids around on. Nate was a little timid but went for it. Jack was not timid and went for it. Even Leslie got in on the fun!

It was amazingly beautiful. Stewart, who is not one to gush over anything besides his kids, said "It looks like it's out of the pages of a travel magazine." Spot on.

I had purchased a snorkel set for the boys and the last day we were there we found an amazing reef - it was out of a movie. Tons of different types of coral, hundreds of fish darting around. I took Jack out and he was a little soldier - swam all the way out, looked around, nodded his head, headed back without much hooplah. Nate was very nervous about stingrays and the seagrass and the big unknown but agreed to go with me and Stewart. We swam together, each of us holding one of Nate's hands. He did it. He really did it. He stuck it out and showed himself he could do it. Seeing the reef and the fish pales in comparison to the will he showed in conquering multiple fears. Beyond impressive.

All in all, a wonderful trip. Thank you Wagners for making it happen!


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