Wednesday, January 26, 2005

over the moooooooonn!!!!!!!

I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, at a bar with my sister. Before anyone contacts child welfare, I was drinking Sprites only, I promise, and the bar was non-smoking.

I am a sucker for the video-game machines they have on the ends of the counters. So I was down playing, and the extremely intoxicated fella next to me joined in. He was about 24, wearing a sports jersey. Now normally I really don't like people getting all up in my video game playing but he wasn't bad, so I let him play. He turned out to be pretty decent, despite the intoxication.

A few drinks later, he asked me to dance. I've been hit on before since getting married, but it's pretty infrequent (rings on both fingers usually does the trick). But I've never been hit on when I'm married and pregnant. I didn't want to be totally uncool, and old, so I hesitated to tell him, but I finally did.

He lit up like a lightbulb. He asked how far along I was, was it a boy or girl, was I hoping for a boy or girl, and on and on. My own husband, the father of the baby, may not have ever asked those questions! Then he looked at me and said "You must be over the moon!!"

Needless to say, this was not the response I was expecting. It made my night.

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