Friday, March 25, 2005

Long-awaited update!

If there's anyone who actually checks this, I apologize for not updating for a while. Moving into my second trimester, I'm not quite as obsessed with every detail as I was before. Here's where we are today:

16 weeks, 2 days. I'm definitely getting a pooch, but it's only detectible to us so far (being as my previous pooch is great camouflage). It's almost like my old squishy pooch has been replaced with a very firm one. I'm working to get some comparison photos posted, so stay tuned for that.

We have blood tests in a week, and the BIG sonogram in about 3 weeks (April 12). I almost cannot wait. I saw a friend's sonogram photos from her 14-week visit, and you cannot believe how much it looks like a baby. He was sucking his thumb! So I am excited to see ours, since we only had the one sonogram at 7 weeks so far. And that looked like anything except a baby! (No offense, baby).

Everyone knows how much I've always wanted a little girl. So this will surprise most, including me, but I have gotten myself so enamored with the thought of a son that I fear I will be disappointed if they say "girl"! I'll get over it, no worries there, but I really have fallen for the idea of a son. So I guess we're in a win/win situation. The best kind.

And the biggest news? The morning sickness is just about gone. It was going, and then it was back, and now I think I've kicked it for good. It's been 7 whole days, and that's a LOT. So much relief that I didn't turn out to be one of those women who vomits the entire pregnancy. Because this child would be an only child for sure, if I was one of those women.

A thorough update? Please leave a comment if you feel I've left anything out.

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