Thursday, July 7, 2005

All of the details that are fit to print

As I write this, little Huckleberry Horatio is hiccuping away. It's only happened a few times, but it's one of my favorite things!

I've really slowed down on the "getting ready for baby" stuff. Alison found a friend to watch Eliza during August, so I'm going to have 5 weeks before the baby comes to really pay attention to resting and getting ready! So, this month I'm really focusing on Eliza. She's in for a seriously rude awakening when both her mother and I have new babies within 3 weeks of each other!

My enery level is at an all-time low. It is so hard to get up the drive to get off the couch! I'm sleeping a lot at night (even though it's interrupted by the numerous visits to the bathroom) and could nap every day if I had the time. On the other hand, I've still only gained 10 pounds! Who would have thought that I would have an easy time with the weight part!

Failed my initial glucose test, so I went for the 3-hour test yesterday. Two blood-draws in each arm = fun day! Hopefully the results will be back tomorrow. I'd really love it if I passed this test - the last two months of pregnancy are annoying enough without having to think about every bite of food that goes in my mouth. But if this is the worst thing to happen in the pregnancy, I'll still be really lucky.

Wow. This was an incredibly boring update. Even my Mom would think so, and she's my biggest fan. I won't torture you any longer.

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