Sunday, July 24, 2005


With 6.5 weeks until my due date, I think I can safely say we're entering the homestretch here! Thank goodness.

Baby continues to seem fine. Now that they've eliminated the bit stuff, I'm free to worry about the little things: birthmarks, hairyness, lack-o-cuteness, etc. You know, the important stuff!

We had our hospital tour last week, and saw birthing rooms. That made things pretty real for both of us!

Today has been a lousy day, in terms of feeling poorly. I did something to my back, and it's pretty bad. My fingers are so swollen that they ache - I didn't know that could happen!

The baby shower! I forgot to write about it. What a wonderful day. Mom, Deborah, and Nanny worked so hard on the food it looked like it has been professionally catered. Cristen and Tedi had the most creative, thorough decorating plan - the balloons were even anchored with diapers! They didn't miss a trick. The gifts were incredibly generous, and it was really wonderful to celebrate together. Now I can put the nursery together, since I have enough clothes and toys to make it a real room.

As soon as I get back from New Hampshire, Stewart and I will go out get the things off of our registry that we need before Baby H comes along - the car seat, bassinet, etc. Then it's mostly a waiting game!

As much as I know that it's going to be harder to care for Horatio outside the womb than it is to care for him inside, I confess that I'm truly ready for this to be over. And I'm also ready to weigh about 50 pounds less. Since birth-day will probably only bring a loss of about 15 pounds, it's going to be up to me to shed the rest. I give myself 2 months from his birthday to do as I please, and get used to being a Mom. Then, it's time to get this extra weight off. Everyone hold me to that, okay?

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