Sunday, October 16, 2005

New sounds!

Landmark note: in the last day or two, Nate has started making cooing sounds. Not a lot, he's definitely in a new place. Deborah says that he smiled at her yesterday, and he's definitely smiling at the painting on my living room wall. I always thought that brother-in-law Michael is a wonderful painter, and now it's clear that Nate agrees!

At his bath last night, I decided to get into the tub with him. It was a really wonderful experience. I'm not sure what triggered it, but it was very emotional for me. Thank goodness for baths, by the way - whenever he's fussy for no reason, I just plop him in his tub and he's calm as can be. Knowing what to do when he's upset is such a good feeling, and failing to calm him is one of the worst! We're getting there, though; I know what to do more often than I don't. I guess that's really the point of the game, huh?

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