Thursday, October 19, 2006

Communication central!

There is tons of communication going on around here. It's amazing!

He signs "milk" which is amazing since I only remember to do it about 1/2 the time, and then didn't do it at all for a week before he started signing it (smarty pants)! He points at things he wants and does a little "I want it now get it now" sound. Stewart was feeding him pieces of chicken and evidentally took too much time between pieces so Nate made this little "come on!" gesture.

I'm working hard on his speech to try to avoid the frustration that goes along when kids can't tell you what they want. He doesn't seem inclined to repeat my words, though he does do it sometimes - car ("cahhhh"), Mama ("maaaaaa"), and other Boston-accented words. He's usually just content to babble, though, so mostly it's just me talking to myself.

As usual.

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