Friday, January 12, 2007

Babbling boy

Yesterday Nate said his first sentence: "More food." With all of that Wagner and Abbott in him, I'm not surprised.

His language has really snowballed. He tries to repeat everything we say. We're at that cliche point where we know what certain words mean but there's no way a stranger would know what he's saying. For posterity:

Words Nate Knows and Uses Appropriately:

Food - "Fffffffffff"
Milk - "Muh" (with the sign for milk)
Ball - "Bah!"
Dad - "Dah!"
Bye-bye - "Bye! Ba bye!"
Bumper (ie: Crib Bumper, love of his life) - "Buh bah"

Words Nate Can Repeat But Probably Doesn't Understand:

Baby - "Ba ba"
Water - "Wah woah"
Hi - "Ha!"

Yes, I'm proud.

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