Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do you clean your kid's toys?

Seriously - I need you guys to chime in. I've looked at the stats. I KNOW you're reading this.

Do you put the plastic toys in buckets with bleach and water? Do you run the plush toys through the washer/dryer? What else should I be doing? (Not that I'm saying I will do it, but at least I'll know what I should be doing.)

I confess: the only time I've cleaned Nate's toys is when I packed up all of his baby toys. I ran one load through the washer/dryer before I stored them away. If I see blood or poop or something it certainly gets cleaned off before he gets to play with the toy again, but if it looks clean it's fine with me. He's been sick twice ever.



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The Pyatts said...

I do if one of them has been sick, though sometimes I cheat and buy the Clorox hard surface stuff, and just spray on, wipe off with paper towels. I rarely wash the plush toys, except their "lovies".