Friday, June 15, 2007

A fun day

Since I'm finally feeling better, I'm trying to take as much advantage of DC as possible before we all become housebound during the end of this endless pregnancy. Today we hit the National Museum of Natural History with intentions to enjoy the butterfly garden and the Discovery Room.

We took the Metro down ($1.35). In reality, the trip was free due to a friend giving us over $300 in Metro cards, but we'll still count it as $1.35. Oh, and I found a Metro card on the ground last week and added it to my card today, so I actually made $11.80 there. But we'll still count it as $1.35.

The butterfly garden was beautiful, though entirely absent of butterflies. Nate ran, and snacked, and ran some more. Butterfly garden is totally free - you just walk in there!

I get such a huge kick out of how many beautiful gardens, parks, and paths exist right in the middle of DC. The photo below is right at the end of the butterfly garden, and it's the corner of 9th and Constitution. At the other end of the butterfly garden (about two blocks away) is the Mall - you can see both the Capital and the Washington Monument from there. Amazing.

The Natural History Museum was very fun, though the Discovery Room is only open from 12 - 2:30. Prime napping hours, so that's a little odd, but there you have it. We looked at a million stuffed animals and made sure to find the monkeys - Nate's very into monkeys these days. Museum is free, as are most in DC.

We hit the fountains at L'Enfant Plaza to eat our picnic lunch ($2.00 at the most). Metro home: $1.35. Total costs for the day: $3.70.

Nate's now napping happily and I'm off to work!

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