Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Growing boy

Nate just woke up moaning and crying from his nap; very unlike him (usually he cheerfully calls out for Mama or Dada). I went in and found him lying on his side, whimpering. I rubbed his back for a bit, then pulled him out of the crib and sat down on the ground with him. He fell back to snoozing against my chest. After a few minutes, I shifted position and saw his eyes open. I softly said "Do you want to go back in your crib?" and he said "yeah." I asked again, to be sure: "You want to go in your crib?" and he said "yeah" again. I put him down, walked out, and it's been 20 minutes without a peep. Such a big boy to be able to know what he wants, and to tell me! And "yay" for extra-long nap!

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