Monday, August 6, 2007

Monthly Newsletter, Month Twenty-Two

Dear Nate,

This has been one of the most fun months yet with you. You are the most cheerful, enthusiastic kid! Daddy and I are just totally enjoying spending time with you, and you seem to really like us, too.

Language is taking off. You're all about the two-word phrase now, and are working hard on picking up the words all around you. You count 2-6 now, and can name tons of items around the house. My favorite thing is that instead of saying "more" now, you say "two more!" You're upping the ante.

A few weeks ago you said your first sentence. To put it in context: you were bummed about having to leave Bumper home, and were totally rejecting the idea of only having "little Bumper" with you. As I walked you out of the house without Bumper, you said "Want two more bumpers!" You want two more of lots of things now. And instead of saying "gimme" like every other kid, you point at what you want and say "'dat one!"

You can't say the "ess" or "ch" sounds, so you do a lot of compensating.

Bus = buck
Peach = Peet
Truck still equals "FUCK!"

We have little conversations now, and it's such a joy. Whenever you hurt yourself, you come find me and say "Mama?" and hold out your poor little thumb or whatever you've whacked. I say "Oh no, did you hurt yourself?" and you say "yeah" really mournfully. I say "Oh no, are you okay?" and you say "yeah" and then go back about your business.

Your manners are great. You cheerfully say "thank you" without prompting about 80% of the time now, and please with prompting. You say "hi" and "bye" to people, and smile at almost everyone. You handle being told "no" pretty well, and your tantrums are down to maybe once every two weeks. You don't hit anymore, and when I take you away from the TV or a toy you only whine a little bit. I can't think of an almost-two-year-old who is better behaved! But you still have a bit of spunk, thank goodness. I am so proud of you.

Before putting you in the crib, I ask you if you want me to sing you a song. Most of the time, you say "yeah." I say "What song should I sing?" and you think for a minute. Then you usually say "tinkle?" and I say "Twinkle?" and you say "yeah." Then I sing Twinkle Twinkle to you. See, we're communicating!

You've really made yourself at home here. You open up your toy drawer and get started playing with your trucks or blocks without any help from me. You have really grown to love drawing, and will plunk down on the floor or couch and doodle up a storm. Your new favorite game is to take Bumper and your baby doll up on the couch and pretend to go "night night" by lying down and covering yourself up with Bumper.

You also really like to help out. You help put your shoes away in the bin after we take them off, and you throw things in the garbage for me. You like to help us carrying things, complete with tough-guy straining sounds no matter how heavy or light the thing you're carrying is. You are just game for anything.

You are still madly in love with Sophia down the street. We went to the zoo last week, and you guys had so much fun. She loves being in charge, since she's the youngest in her preschool, and you would follow her straight into the chicken's den.

I'm busying planning your big-boy room, and hope that it'll be ready for your second birthday or soon after. You love going to Ikea and pretending to go night-night on their toddler beds. Hopefully you'll like your own bed as much!

You are still freaky strong. I can barely lift you these days, and everyone's commenting on how big you're getting, but you can still hold yourself up!

Seriously, Nate, we hare having such a great time being your parents. You are joyful and cheerful, independent but loving. You like being with us, hour after hour. You are good-natured, curious, and friendly. We truly wouldn't change a thing.


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Laura Lohr said...

I cannot believe how grown up Nate is now! He's adorable!