Thursday, August 16, 2007

Semi-homemade cooking with Leah Wagner

At least I won't make one of those crazy cocktails that Sandra always makes. I love the idea of her show, but somehow I just can't watch her. She's too twiggy. So, here's dinner for tonight:

Two bell peppers
1/2 large onion
Can of garbanzo beans, drained (rinsed if you like)
Block of extra-firm tofu
Jar of Trader Joes Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce

Early in the day, while you still have some energy, chop the peppers and onion up into 1 inch squares. Do the same with the tofu.

Before the toddler starts whining for dinner, sautee the peppers, onions, and tofu on a light setting in some olive oil until everything's softer or until the whining starts. Add in the garbanzo beans and cook for another few minutes. Upend the entire jar of Simmer Sauce over the top of the whole thing and stir it around for a minute or two to feel like you're really cooking.

Serve immediately to toddler. Put everything else aside for dinner for the adults. If any energy remains, cook up some rice before adults eat.



emily said...

Good ideas, did Nate like it?

TJ's frozen jasmine rice is good and easy - three minutes in the microwave.

Stephanie823 said...

I want a Trader Joes in Richmond!! Waaahhhhh!