Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comparison time

I'm 39 weeks now, so I thought I'd take a second to compare these two pregnancies. Every parent of older children that I talk with lately seems to have forgotten everything and I'm sure I'll follow suit, probably within days. So here goes:

Weight gain with Nate: 27 pounds
Weight gain with Turkey (so far): 24 pounds

Swelling with Nate: lots. Feet like bread loaves, shins that dented in, puffy face.
Swelling with Turkey: very little. Swollen feet at the end of very long days.

Belly shape with Nate: huge round basketball.
Belly shape with Turkey: huge round basketball.

Discomforts with Nate: he lived in my right ribs. I spent most of my time with my hand pushing him down off of my ribs. Could barely sit up for the last four weeks.
Discomforts with Turkey: he lives on my bladder. I'm up twice a night to pee, and I spend most of the day in the potty. Feel pretty good in the last four weeks!

Labor progress with Nate: none. Never dialated, never effaced, no contractions (other than Braxton Hicks)
Labor progress with Turkey (so far): none. Never dialated, never effeaced, no contractions (other than many Braxon Hicks)

That's all I can think of!

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