Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jack's Monthly Newsletter, Month Ten

Dear Jack,

The hardest part about writing this letter was choosing among the great photos; you have personality coming out of your ears. Everywhere we go, people are always commenting on what a smiley, adorable guy you are, and darnit if you haven't come to expect it. When we're near other people who aren't looking at you, you'll smile at them and sometimes make noise until they look at you. You can't get enough of it.

I picked this photo to go first because I feel like it really shows you. The flying-nun curls, the rivers of drool, and the scrunchy-nose-squinty-eyes smile that makes you look a little evil:

You're changing every day, just like you're supposed to. Last week you started "creeping" which means you're walking along holding onto the furniture. You've been able to stand up for a while if I let go of your hands, but a few days ago you started letting go on your own. You can climb stairs like a pro, and you're starting to kneel with one foot up while you play with your toys. I sense much head-bonking-falling-down in our future.

We've spend a lot of time out at the beach and you've just been a superstar. While Nate and Sam ran around like lunatics, you'd just mosey-crawl from one thing to another, gnawing and shaking and drooling on everything. You like to come check in with me, but you're awfully good about playing by yourself and watching what's going on around you. Thank goodness for you.

Shockingly, you've turned into a pretty great sleeper. You take a morning nap around 9:30 and another one around 2. Bedtime is around 7, you sleep until 5, take a bottle, and sleep again until 7 am. You've even gotten good at sleeping away from home - you're at the beach with Daddy right now and he reported that you did just fine last night.

You had a wonderful first trip to the beach. You didn't balk at the sand, though you were pretty worried about the crashing waves. I can't blame you for that - it's pretty loud! We've been back several times and you even warmed up to the ocean, letting me dip your feet in the waves when they roll in.

You're very good in the car, and great in the stroller, as long as we're moving. Your favorite toys are balls, and these days Nate's plastic bats. I've been calling you Bam-Bam - you whonk that bat as much as Nate will let you. You're big on shaking and banging and whomping. You still just have the bottom two teeth, though the top ones are close, close, close. They're driving us both a little mad, frankly.

You're still an absolute pig; you eat everything and anything you can. Your main staples are tofu cubes, black beans, celery with hummus, bananas, and grapes. You are starting to pick through and eat your favorites first - the grapes always get eaten at the beginning. Pretty much, though, you'll stuff anything in.

There's no doubt about one thing: you are a Mama's boy. There's nowhere you'd rather be than in my arms. You are amiable about playing on the floor, being in the car, and all of that, but in the end you want me. One of my favotie things is when I go to get you from your crib. You're always standing waiting, and you reach up as I put my arms down. When I lift you through the air, your arms are up just waiting to wrap around my neck and when you get to me you stick your face in my shoulder.

I love all of the love, and I chafe at it a bit, but mostly I'm grateful as heck for you. You're just a chunk of overflowing joy and happy and I can't tell you how much I adore you.


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