Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milestone Moment(s)!

Some fabulous milestones:

Jack took a step yesterday! None since, but the thoughts are definitely there. He stands stock still staring at where he wants to go, thinks for a while, and then drops to his knees and crawls off. I give it a month before he's properly walking.

We play a game where I sit on the floor and stand him up a few feet in front of me. He stands there grinning at me, then falls towards me without moving his feet an inch. It's exactly like one of those "trust your co-worker" exercises except he's facing me.

Also yesterday he semi-stood up on his own. Stewart was on the floor playing with the two of them, and Jack was standing up next to him, leaning forward and holding onto him. Then he just stood straight up, holding onto nothing. Twice.

Lastly, Nate: two nights ago I was turning off the TV to send him to bed, and he stood in front of me and protested in the words of our fathers, and our father's fathers, "It's not fair!" I think that's the first of about 10,000 times that I'll hear that phrase from him. Thank you, preschool. Thanks a lot.

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