Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweetness from my boy

On Mother's Day, I finally taught Jack to give kisses. After thousands of examples, he finally figured it out!

I tapped the side of my face and said "Give Mama a kiss" and he'd come over and lean in and put his lips against my cheek and say "mmmmmmmm" and then pull away suddenly with a "wah!" sound - no puckering, but you get the idea. That Sunday he also gave kisses to Grandma and Aunt Dreba.

Yesterday Jack and I had lunch with a friend and her 16 month-old daughter Bella. We were in a little private room so the kids were running around on the floor and Jack has Pink Doll. At one point I look over to see Bella holding Pink Doll and walking, as fast as she could go, away from Jack - holding out one hand to fend off any potential attempts to take the doll back. Her mother made her give Pink Doll back to Jack, but as soon as he got her he walked over and shyly handed her over to Bella. Much praise ensued. He also kneeled down a few times, trying to kiss her - she finally consented to a hug.

Here's Jack trying to give a kiss goodbye to a very unreceptive Bella:

Last night Nate kneeled down in the corner of the kitchen and Jack came over and leaned down to give him a kiss. They spent a while hugging it out afterwards.

But the cutest was yet to come: This morning Jack was sitting next to me on the couch having a cuddle, and I felt him tapping at my cheek. Then he leaned in to kiss where he'd been tapping. Could the child be any sweeter?

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