Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School's out for summer!

Today was Nate's last day of preschool co-op and some of the parents organized a little party. About halfway through the singing portion I realized I was attending my first school recital. Sniff.

All told, I think co-op was a wonderful experience - both for Nate and for me. He matured so much, and really formed some real friendships. He learned to navigate through so many different experiences and social situations. I got to meet some wonderful parents and it even provided a bit of social life, and Jack just adored my duty days when he got to run around with the other kids.

Thanks so much to the parents who took care of my boy while he was away from me. It was a great feeling to get to trust his care to others without worrying a bit.

In a few weeks Nate will start camp, and in September he'll start Pre-K at Yu Ying Public Charter School. He's moving into his life, and I'm so incredibly proud of him and happy for him. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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