Monday, December 14, 2009


(First snow)

So Jack has exploded all over the place. The talking is just too cute. He's repeating almost everything we say. There's a little ritual every time I tell him a new word:

(Reading an animal book)

Mama: What's that Jack? (pointing at a snail)
Jack: Bug
Mama: It's a snail. Snnnaaillll...
Jack: Snail???
Mama: Snail.
Jack: Snail.

He always repeats the word as a question first, then really decisively the second time. He still has weird accents and speech things ("Yes" is still "ess" though he threw in a "yeah" this morning) but the content is really diverse now, and he's using phrases.

In no particular order:

  • "Watch dis, Mama!"
  • (Looking at the camera: "Picture Jack!")
  • "Hear dat?"
  • "Have it" when he wants something, or "Hold it"
  • When he's saying goodbye, he often follows it with "Soon!" for "see you soon!"
  • "Taller"
  • "Chocolate", "Chocolate milk"
  • "Downstairs"
  • "Under"
  • "Dinosaurs" (pronounced "dino-saur-US")
  • "Heavy"
  • "HUGE truck!" (or bus, or car, or dinosaurUS)
This morning he recognized and named a triangle when we were doing puzzles. He's still completely clueless on colors - everything is "blue." My most favorite thing is when he's asking for something like milk but forgets the "please" - I tell him to ask me nicely and he looks at me sweetly and says "nicely?"

Couldn't be cuter.

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