Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet night

The boys and I are staying at my parent's house this weekend. We just had the sweetest bedtime ever.

Nate and I are going to be bunking in my old room; there are two twin beds there now. Jack's in Deborah's old room in the crib. But part of my bedtime routine, at home, with Jack is to hang out and cuddle together in my bed before putting him down in his crib. So the three of us hung out in my old room, squeezed all together in one twin bed. Me, scrabbling to keep from falling off, Jack in the middle, and Nate on the other side of Jack.

We talked a little and sang a few songs. While I was singing Sunshine, reaching across Jack to stroke Nate's hair, he reached over and started stroking Jack's head. Then Nate and I did "I love you's" and "I like you's" - Nate told him he loved me to outer space.

Sweetest night. Sweetest boys.

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