Friday, August 27, 2010

Little boy growing

Here are things that Nate does by himself now:

  • Peel carrots (he loves this!)


  • "Read" comic books.


  • Pour cereal, pull stool to the fridge to get the milk, pour milk, make "breakfast" for himself and Jack (please excuse the clothes, he dressed himself)


  • Clean up the toys in the basement, sometimes surprisingly well. The housekeepers were coming on Wednesday and I was trying to get us off to the zoo; I called down to Nate and asked him to help clean up the basement and he said "okay!" and headed downstairs to work on it. Huh.

  • Make friends in airports.


  • Climb into Jack's crib to fetch "pink doll and paci" that are requested 10 times a day.

  • Pinch samosas closed


  • Decide to share his silly bandz with friends because they don't have any.

  • Color the front walkway bricks with sidewalk chalk, making a pattern as he goes along.


  • Water the plants in the backyard

  • Really help with Aunt Drebba's charity auction


  • Horse around with cousins


  • Know to be careful with feelings: The other night he said he wanted Daddy to put him to bed because Number 2 is better than Number 1 and Daddy was Number 2...well, we were both Number 2 but Daddy was Number 3...

    He's pretty fabulous.
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