Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nate's first blog post!

Today we went to the zoo, and on the way home I decided to include some "journal" entries from Nate as part of this blog. It'll help us all remember what we've seen and done, and give a better window into Nate's mind as he grows up.

So from here on, in this entry, it will be only Nate's words and my pictures.


We went to two playgrounds. One was a pizza one and one was the prairie-dog one. And we could pop up through little holes like prairie dogs.


I had a great time seeing the animals. I saw lions, I saw goats, we saw prairie dogs...what else did we see? (Leah: we saw monkeys, we saw snakes, we saw lizards...)

We saw turtles and fishes, those are reptile animals. We saw lions.


I liked the lions because I liked how they look.



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