Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freezer cooking for real!

I've always loved the concept of freezer cooking / OAMC / whatever you want to call it. I think I was a pioneer wife in a former life. It's been great for when a baby was on the way, or to prepare for those nights when I'm just too lazy (or busy) to be bothered. Now I'm about to start work again for the first time since Nate was born and I think it will be especially important!

I applied for, and got, a position at the Embassy called Secretary Rover - I fill in when people are out on vacation, sick, maternity leave, or when a position hasn't been filled but they still need help. It's on an "as needed" basis, and it looks like right now they really need help in a few departments! The sense I got was that I'd be working full-time for at least a month, I should get some more information about it this week. I start on November 6th, and of course the kids both are out of school that WHOLE week. Ack!

Between friends and our housekeeper, I think the boys will be fine. I plan to spend this next week cooking and freezing as much as I can to make sure we can still eat well, if a little simpler than usual, on those busy nights. I don't want to spend the time I do get with the kids worrying too much about food.

So I made up a meal-plan for this coming week with all freezer-friendly foods, and as I cook for each night this week I will double, triple, or quadruple (or more!) the recipes and freeze. It is harder to find vegan options that freeze well as compared to an omnivore diet (so jealous of meat and cheese which freeze so beautifully!) but it still can be done. Here's what I plan to make this week:

* Sweet and Sour Lentils
* Vegan sausages
* Peanut sauce (to put over noodles)
* Sweet Potato Burritos (without the cheese) - these freeze wonderfully!
* Veggie chili
* Pasta/tomato sauce
* Black bean burgers
* Dal Makhni
* Falafel patties
* Granola for breakfasts and snacks

It's a pretty heavy list, I'm not sure if I'll finish it all, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I'll try to blog what I can so stay tuned!

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good food rules!