Thursday, December 22, 2005

He's a real baby!

I put Nate down for his nap unswaddled today, to see how well he'd sleep (just fine, thank you!). When I went in to get him an hour later, HE WAS ON HIS STOMACH. He was on his back when I put him there. How was he on his stomach? How is it possible? Wait, he moves on his own?

Totally unacceptable. Absolutely forbidden. I need him to stay where I put him. Good lord, now I have to babyproof. And clean up! And stop leaving sharp things around. And have the nails pounded into the floor where they've been sticking up for 7 years. It might just be easier to move. And get rid of everything we own.

I don't think Stewart and I are up for this. I anticipate a blog entry in several months entitled "He stabbed himself!" and "How Nate fell down the stairs!" You might as well call Child Welfare now. Ugh.

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