Monday, December 26, 2005

My goodness

Stewart took this lovely shot this past weekend. Makes me so happy.

Tonight when we were bringing Nate in from the car, he started crying. This is excusable, since he slept from my in-law's front door in Charlottesville, VA to our front door in DC.

I sat his carrier down on the couch and went to put one thing in the fridge. He surprisingly stopped crying (he usually hates being in the carrier if it's not moving). I assumed he was asleep, since this is the only time he's not crying when strapped in. I went back to get him, and he was playing with the little chew-toys that I keep strapped to the carrier. Wow. He had to see them, reach for them, and then keep himself occupied playing with them.

He is changing so much every day. This is so amazing.

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