Wednesday, December 14, 2005

That's it!

He's going back to the store.

I thought I had solved the Great Bottle Dilema, but he's back to screaming like I'm burning him with the damn thing. So I tried literally pouring the milk into his mouth with a large medicine dropper thing. This, he likes. Seriously, where does this kid come from?

And he's going through some sort of growth spurt, such that my ta-tas are getting quite the workout. (Side note: on the internet, some women use this to indicate ta-tas: (.)(.) I totally love it.) Two nights ago he went down at 8:30, and then was back up to eat at:

2:15 (!)
2:30 (!!!!)

He eats and heads back to sleep, but STILL! Breastfeeding is cheap and easy, but I'm going to be forced to start feeding the kid cheeseburgers if he doesn't let up.


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