Friday, March 17, 2006


It has been very hard to think about writing a new post, one that would move the post about my mother-in-law further down the page. "Oh sure, she died, but Nate made a squealing noise that was really cute!"

But I know, really know, that Fredi would want me to talk about Nate. When she called for updates, she used to ask for "verbs" about what he was up to.

In honor of Fredi...

* Nate is sitting for minutes at a time. Today he sat on the floor with his toys while I typed on the computer. Every time I looked around the corner of my screen and caught his eye, he grinned one of the grins that makes his cheeks bulge out.

* The boy is still teething and chewing on anything, and anyone, that he can get his fingers on. His first upper tooth finally cleared his gums, which brings his teeth total to three. A prodigy.

* He is whining on a fairly regular basis. I finally understand the phrase "sets my teeth on edge." But since he's absolutely gorgeous when he's upset, I can't be too mad at him.

He is sleeping decently. Tonight is night 3 of the big Cry-It-Out-A-Thon, and it's going well. Night one - 4 incidents of screaming (10 minutes each) before getting himself back to sleep. Night two - 3 incidents of screaming (2 minutes each) before getting himself back to sleep. Tonight is night three, and I haven't heard a peep in 4 1/2 hours. I'm still feeding him once around 5 a.m., but since he goes to bed at 7 and then sleeps again until 7 or 8, I can live with it for a little longer.

And I must join him in sleep. Dear Husband is visiting his father this weekend, so I head to a lonely bed. I'd rather he be there than here, but it's strange to sleep without him.

And on a very personal note, I know I haven't responded to e-mails or phone calls. By the time the boy is asleep, and I get caught up on taxes, bills, etc., I'm ready for bed. And People magazine. Plus, you guys know how I get when I'm sad. I promise to get in touch soon. Promise.


crazedmommy said...

Hugs sweetie. I know it takes a long time to grieve someone so close to you. I'm thinking about you lots and miss you around the board.

It's great to hear that little Nate is thriving. You are a great Mommy.

crazedmommy said...

Ps. It's Carrie